Greyhawk Guild of Wizardry

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Greyhawk Organization
Greyhawk Guild of Wizardry
Type Magicians' guild
Founded late 4th century CY
Members nearly 1,000
Leader Kieren Jalucian
Headquarters Free City of Greyhawk
Allies Society of Magi

The Greyhawk Guild of Wizardry, based in the City of Greyhawk, is the largest and most extensive guild of magi in the Flanaess. It also claims to be the least political, secretive, or closed off of any mage guild.


Almost any proven practitioner of arcane magic is eligible to join the Guild of Wizardry, be they wizard, bard, sorcerer, illusionist, or even some more exotic arcane spellcaster.

While the Guild of Wizardry is interested in it's own aggrandizement, as are most others, it has no political agenda, and neither does it require the exclusive allegiance of any of it's membership. Because of this, many magi across the Flanaess claim an affiliation with this guild. In many places, membership in the guild is a source of prestige, due to the guild's international fame.

The guild can claim nearly a thousand members in it's official rolls. But in truth, only about half of that number are in the city of Greyhawk at any given time, and many of these are amateurish dabblers, or are virtually inactive.

Notable members of the Guild of Wizardry include Kieren Jalucian, Philidor the Blue Wizard, and many current and former members of the Circle of Eight.


The Guild of Wizardry was founded late in the 4th century CY, by the Mad Archmage, Zagig Yragerne. Because of this, the Guild can boast the most extensive collection of arcane texts and magical knowledge in the whole of the Flanaess. This fact plays a large part in the Guild's being the fastest growing guild in Oerik.

The guildhall is located in Greyhawk's Garden Quarter. This building is an architectural wonder and is considered to be of magical design and impregnable. It's many vaults house numerous tomes, which have been collected and stored here over the last two centuries. Housed here are the magical fortunes of numerous archmagi, including those of the legendary Zagig, or so it is believed.

Recent events

The Guild of Wizardry is still drawing new members from all across the Flanaess, due to the Guild being virtually untouched by the Greyhawk Wars. In fact, many magi view the Guild as a sort of "safe haven" from the turmoil that exists in their currently beleaguered homelands.

The Guild has long since taken over the stewardship of the University of Magical Arts, which used to be administered by the more austere Society of Magi. In fact, the Guild, in cooperation with the University, both teaches and supports the use of so-called "wild," or "chaos magic." This form of magic has seen a resurgence in the last two decades and is reaching heights not seen since the time of the Mad Archmage himself.

Though the Guild of Wizardry is the largest and most extensive guild of mages in the whole of the Flanaess, this position is now being challenged by the Sorcerer's Nexus of Rel Astra. The Sorcerer's Nexus has been seeing a large influx of members from across the now-shattered realm of the former Great Kingdom, gaining in power, influence, and prestige.