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Greyhawk creature
A griguar, as depicted in Living Greyhawk Journal #2 (2000). Art by Sam Wood.
Alignment Neutral
Type Beast
First appearance Living Greyhawk Journal #2

A griguar is a powerful, intelligent predatory creature that once inhabited the Flanaess. Extinct for millenia, this species was recently revived via magical means.


Thousands of years before modern humanity arrived, the grigaurs roamed the Flanaess. They were killed off by a plague or environmental catastrophe, but recently (c. 591 CY) the mage Kezzark of the City of Greyhawk discovered a spell to bring a few of them forward to the present. Thus far, they are rare and exorbitantly expensive, and certain groups (including the Scarlet Brotherhood) are attempting to find a way to breed more without having to go through Kezzark.


Little is known of Grigaurs' natural climate and terrain, other than that they are terrestrial creatures.

Typical physical characteristics

Grigaurs are eyeless predators, approximately the size and shape of a bear, but hairless, reptilian, and scaled, with hornlike spines running down their backs. These spines are sensory organs that help compensate for their blindness.


Griguars are usually of neutral alignment.