Griff Mountains

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The Griff Mountains border the Duchy of Tenh and Stonehold, as well as the Rovers of the Barrens, walling them off from the land of the Frost Barbarians.


The Griffs are home to many griffons, as well as giants and ogres.


Human and dwarf settlements are sprinkled throughout the range, mining for valuable minerals.

Features and settlements

Certain Flan ruins have been found in the Griffs and the neighboring Corusk Mountains, suggesting an advanced civilization in the ancient past. The greatest of these is Skrellingshald, which is possibly the source for rumors of a city roofed with precious metals and filled with valuable gems.

The sacred orc city of Garek Enkdal is located in the Griffs, near Stonehold.

The Griff Mountains are one of the locations rumored to host the fortress of Matinsmore, home of the Lords of the Gloaming.