Grandwood Forest

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The Grandwood Forest is a large woodland in the eastern portion of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa and acts as a buffer between Ahlissa and Rel Astra and the Solnor Compact.


The Grandwood was once part of a vast deciduous forest that once stretched from the Flinty Hills to the Lone Heath and included the present Adri Forest. But imperious logging practices have long since turned much of the once great forest into pastures and farmlands for the Aerdi peoples.

Flora and fauna

The Grandwood is noted for its tall hardwoods and and nearly impenetrable undergrowth. In addition changecats, the magical creation of a forgotten Rel Astran wizard, are known to dwell within the forest.


The most numerous dwellers in the forest are the wood elves, and though they are wary of outsiders, they are now involved in talks with the many human refugees (including, it is said, some remnant Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom) who fled here to escape the tyranny of the former Great Kingdom of Aerdy. The various inhabitants wish to merge into a single political unit and form an independent government, but the Overking of Ahlissa, Xavener, has decreed the forest to be a marchland of Ahlissa, and vigorously opposes any such move.

The humans here have begun openly trading with the city state of Rel Astra. This is due in large part to Lord Drax's change of attitude. But the Grandwood's inhabitants stand ready to infiltrate and mislead any invaders into their domains.

The gnomes of Gaborren's Rift in the Grandwood forest have a unique myth in which Garl Glittergold directly battles the orcish god Gruumsh, doing more than deploying mere tricks and illusions, but attacking him with the desire to kill.

The gold dragon Auruma also dwells within the Grandwood.

Features and settlements

The city state of Rel Astra is the closest city of any consequence to the forest and lays claim to the eastern edges of the forest.

The Lone Heath, a region of scrub and swamplands, immediately borders the forest on the east. The Mikar River flows through the Grandwood, having its headwaters in the Gull Cliffs, which are not any great distance to the northeast of the forest. The ruined See of Medegia borders the southern portion of the Grandwood with the desolated city of Mentrey located not many miles from the forest's southern edge. Rel Astra forms the southeastern border of the forest.