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Greyhawk Deity
Home Plane Wanders Abyss and Pandemonium
Power Level Demigod
Gender Male
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio Hunting, Hyenas, Hyaenodons

Gorellik is the gnoll deity of Hunting, Hyenas, and Hyenadons. It was he who taught gnolls to tame hyenadons for purposes of hunting. Gorellik was the original patron god of gnolls, until the gnolls turned to giantish gods and later toward the demon lord Yeenoghu. As a result, he has suffered the loss of much of his power and is now no more than a demigod.

Gorellik now wanders the planes endlessly, with no seeming purpose, losing followers at a steady rate.


Gorellik appears as a tall mangy gnoll or as a mottled white hyenadon. As his power has declined he more often takes the form of the latter, prowling and hunting anything in his path.


As a god in decline who increasingly acts more feral and animalistic, Gorellik has few if any constructive relationships with other deities.


Gorellik has no fixed home. He prowls Pandemonium and the Abyss at random.


Before his fall from power, Gorellik taught gnolls to respect only force and power. This proved to be his downfall as they turned away from him to more powerful, alien gods. His dogma did not even encompass any creation myth for the gnoll race, which he could have used to help maintain some greater reverence toward himself.


Gorellik has few worshipers, and he does nothing to encourage this state. He occasionally will manifest an avatar before a gnoll horde and demand worship, though he is just as likely to run and hunt with a pack of hyenas. Among gnolls his worship is avoided by flinds in particular. His holy symbol is a white, mottled hyenadon's head.