Good Hills

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The Good Hills are a range of rolling hills located in the western region of the Kingdom of Keoland.


The Good Hills follow the Javan River from north of the town of Flen all the way to the Dreadwood. The mines here produce a great amount of wealth for the kingdom.

Flora and fauna


Many gnomes and halflings make their home here. In addition, many of the humans and dwarves fled to these hills when their homes in the March of Sterich were over run by giants.

Features and settlements

The gnomes and halflings living here operate many mines scattered throughout the Good Hills. The major population centers are the city of Cryllor and the town of Flen, both of the Kingdom of Keoland. The city of Longspear, of The Yeomanry League, lies nearby at the southern edge, across the Javan River.

The town of Flen is set at the confluence of the Javan and Davish Rivers. When the refugees from Sterich arrived in 584 CY they settled in Flen which was used as a launching point for raids into their former homeland, freeing it in 588 CY.