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Greyhawk Planet
Planetary Body Type Air
Size 96,000 miles in diameter
Rotational Period 30 hours
Orbital Period 64 Oerth months
Satellites None
Distance from Primary 600,000,000 miles
Native Inhabitants Undead

Gnibile is a gas giant in Greyspace, the planetary system in which Oerth is set. It orbits Oerth at a distance of 600 million miles, making a complete circuit every 64 months.

Physical description

Gnibile is said to be the "sister world" of Edill, but while the two planets are both spherical air worlds of similar size, they are very different. Edill is calm and blue, but Gnibile is blood red and full of perpetual storms. The upper clouds are poisonous and eat away at flesh and lungs and even ships that pass through. Deeper down things are less toxic, but the storms make Oerth's hurricanes seem like gentle breezes. The temperature is chill, usually between 30 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, although the outer layer is hot, about 60-70 degrees warmer due to the chemical reactions burning in the clouds.

Gnibile is gaseous all the way through, with no solid core, but its gravity is about 10% stronger than Oerth's. Chunks of volcanically active earth and ice orbit within the atmosphere; the earth bodies are up to two miles in diameter, with their own gravity equal to that of the planet as a whole.


Most of Gnibile's earth bodies are inhabited by various kinds of undead, from bestial ghouls to skeleton warriors and liches. Even the semi-molten earth bodies are inhabited by incorporeal undead.


A porton is a strange, incorporeal disk-shaped creature that acts as a living portal to the Negative Energy Plane, Quasielemental Plane of Ash, Quasielemental Plane of Dust, Quasielemental Plane of Salt, or the Quasielemental Plane of Vacuum. They manifest as shimmering fields in the air around 100' in diameter. They are possibly the origin of many of the world's undead.


  • Deathwatch, also known as Necros, is the largest earth body within Gnibile. It is home to a vast city of undead ruled by a warrior-lich called Samanda. She commands a fleet of twelve spelljamming vessels powered by draining the negative energy from undead slaves.


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