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Greyhawk creature
A fire giant, storm giant, human, and frost giant, as depicted in the 3.5 Monster Manual (2003).
Alignment Varies
Type Giant
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Giants are humanoid-shaped creatures, usually of great strength and size. "Giant" is also a creature type in the third and 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Though all true giants are considered to be of the Giant type, not all Giant type creatures are considered true giants. To avoid confusion in this article, the word "giant" will be capitalized when discussing the Giant type.



Giants are found throughout the Flanaess, though the vast majority of giant populations are concentrated in and near the Yatil-Hellfurnaces and Corusk-Rakers mountain chains. A Giant's environment generally depends on which race or subrace it belongs to.

Typical physical characteristics

Giants come in all shapes, though most are of at least size Large. All Giants have low-light vision.


The alignment of a Giant generally depends on its race or subrace.



Most giants pay homage to at least one member of the giant pantheon, consisting of the following deities:

Other deities worshipped by Giants include Baphomet, Cegilune, Erythnul, Kostchtchie, and Vaprak.

Giant races and subraces

True giants

Clockwise, from top: a cloud giant, stone giant, and hill giant, as depicted in the 3.5 Monster Manual (2003).

A number of giant races dwell in the Flanaess:

  • Cloud giants: A giant race that believes itself superior to all other giants (save for storm giants). Cloud giants dwell in temperate mountain environments, sometimes in cloud-castles, and are usually neutral good or neutral evil.
  • Firbolgs:
  • Fire giants: Militaristic giants that look somewhat like a huge dwarves with black skin and red hair. Fire giants tend to dwell in warm mountainous environments, and are usually lawful evil. Fire giants are found almost exclusively in the Hellfurnaces, though some range as far north as the Yeomanry and Sterich (From the Ashes random encounter charts).
  • Fog giants:
  • Fomorians:
  • Frost giants: These giants typically live in cold mountainous environments, such as the Crystalmists. Frost giants often take part in raids, and are usually chaotic evil.
  • Hill giants: Selfish giants inhabiting temperate hills or low mountains, such as the Jotens. Hill giants are usually chaotic evil.
  • Mountain giants: These brutes are among the largest species of giant, and love to squash people under boulders.
  • Ocean giants: These aquatic, merfolk-like giants can assume a more humanoid form to walk on land.
  • Stone giants: These giants are shy and usually neutral, but nevertheless dangerous when aroused to anger. Stone giants love rock-throwing contests and typically dwell in temperate mountain environments.
  • Storm giants: These gentle giants live in warm mountains environments, sometimes on cloud islands. They are usually chaotic good.
  • Verbeeg:
  • Wood giants: Also known as voadkyn, these short giants usually inhabit temperate and warm forests. The largest known voadkyn populations in the Flanaess are those in the Bonewood[1] and Celadon Forest (From the Ashes random encounter charts).

Other creatures of the Giant type


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