Gethrun Shoiraine

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Greyhawk Character
Gethrun Shoiraine
Homeland Tostenhca
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Presumed dead (alive circa 1700 years ago)
Class Cleric
Alignment Good

Gethrun Shoiraine was a "powerful and good" high priest in the ancient city of Tostenhca.


Gethrun was an enemy of the tyrant-mage Keraptis. Gethrun led an army of rangers to overthrow the evil wizard.

It's not completely clear what god Gethrun was high priest of, although in a document written for and purchased by Wizards of the Coast, Erik Mona suggested that it was Pelor.[1]


In approximately -1100 CY came a sudden upsurge in madness, demonic posessions, and undead, and in the midst of these calamities, Keraptis introduced a new tax: a third of all newborn children were to be given to him. "As one," the people of Tostenhca rebelled and destroyed the wizard's hierarchy. Led by the high priest Gethrun Shoiraine and his ranger followers, they marched on Keraptis' keep, destroying his personal minions as well. During the chaos, Keraptis managed to escape to the lands of the south, taking with him his gnomish bodyguards.

Gethrun claimed Keraptis' spellbook, The Pyronomicon, as his share of the spoils, holding it himself for 50 years. Unable to use the spells it contained himself, however, he eventually turned it over to the elves of the Gamboge Forest for safekeeping.