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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) Daughter of the Oasis
Home Plane Outlands
Power Level Lesser
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Lakes, Rivers, Wells, Streams
Domains Plant, Travel, Water, Weather, Thirst
Alias(es) none
Superior none

Geshtai is the Baklunish goddess of Lakes, Rivers, Wells, and Streams. Her symbol is a waterspout.


Geshtai is depicted as a young Baklunish woman carrying a clay jug. She stands in a pool of water with Gumus, her fish companion.


Geshtai dislikes fiery gods and gods of disease and poison, particularly Pyremius.


Gestai's realm in the Outlands is called Nature's Rest.


Geshtai is revered in Bissel, the Bright Lands, Ekbir, Ket, the Plains of the Paynims, among the Tiger Nomads, in Tusmit, Ull, among the Wolf Nomads, and in Zeif.

She is the sole patron of the asherati race.


Clerics of Geshtai act as guardians of valuable waters.


Geshtai is worshipped on vessels in the Rumikadath River during the spring, the only time that using vessels in those shallow waters is not considered taboo by the local nomads.


The Daughter of the Oasis remained neutral during the ancient War between Light and Darkness before the Baklunish Hegira, aiding both sides dispassionately, as did Mouqol.

When the kingdom of Sulm was destroyed by the Scorpion Crown, Geshtai heard the pleas of a those Sulmites who prayed to her, transforming them into the first of the asheratis. If an asherati ever turns from the worship of Geshtai, it crumbles to sand.


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