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Greyhawk Plane
Bleak Eternity of Gehenna
Type Outer plane
Layers 4
Alignment Neutral evil/lawful evil
Native Inhabitants Barghests, phiuls, vaporighu
Greyhawk Powers Gaknulak, General of Gehenna, Maanzecorian, Mellifleur, Memnor, Shargaas, Squerrik, Syrul

Gehenna (in the current edition of the game, the Bleak Eternity of Gehenna; also, the Fourfold Furnaces or The Fires of Perdition, is a plane of existence of neutral evil alignment with lawful evil tendencies. Gehenna is selfish exploitation incarnate, a plane where self-determination is replaced by rule by those with with the most will and wits at the expense of everyone else. Nothing is equal here; those who succeed only do so due to the suffering of others.


Gehenna consists of four planar layers; each layer consists of a a huge volcano floating in space, hundreds of thousands of miles tall. Smaller mountain-shaped chunks of earth also float through Gehenna, occasionally colliding with the primary mounts. There is no ground level in any of the four layers.

The first layer, Khalas, is a hot and fiery place, and the second layer, Chamada, is even more volcanic, but the volcanos gradually grow colder as one passes through the layers; the third layer, Mungoth, is a cool place, while the fourth, Krangath, is icy and dead.

Khalas borders the Outlands, Baator, and the Gray Waste. Portals to these planes are deep beneath the surface of Gehenna, appearing as black chasms in cave floors. There is a portal from Sigil that dumps slag onto Gehenna from a subterranean foundry (Blood Hostages, 121).



Khalas is the location of a number of godly realms, including the kobold deity Gaknulak's realm of Aknuthrak, the wererat god Squerrik's realm of Cheisin, Math Mathonwy's realm of Corriegrave, and Sung Chiang's realm the Teardrop Palace.


Chamada is the location of a number of godly realms, including the giant deity Memnor's realm of Thraotor and Sargonnas' realm the Palace of Deception. It also contains the realms of the dead gods Iyachtu Xvim (Bastion of Hate), and Maanzecorian (Rictus). The town of Nimicri can also be found floating above the second layer.


Mungoth is the location of the lich god Velsharoon's realm Death's Embrace and Loviatar's realm Ondtland.


Krangath is the location of the orc god Shargaas' realm the Night Below. It is also home to Hopelorn, Mellifleur's obsidian citadel.



  • Cavers are large, slothlike creatures native to Gehenna (Blood Hostages, 129).



The yugoloths call Gehenna home, and are its primary natives, though they originally hail from the Gray Waste—they dominate both planes, but in Gehenna their rule is more overt and in the Waste more subtle. The Tower of the Arcanaloths is also found on Gehenna. The leader of their race, known only as the General of Gehenna, moves his Crawling City from layer to layer according to his will. The City moves on thousands of fireproof legs and may climb the face of any cliff.

Other inhabitants of Gehenna include:

  • Avari are man-sized, batlike fiends that are the chief rivals of yugoloths for territory. Unfortunately, they are neither as powerful or as numerous as the yugoloths and have lost much over time. Long ago, avari dwelt in a large central community, but their many wars shattered their unity, forcing them to live in isolated clan in desolate areas of the planes. They dwell there in dank caverns filled with bats, and inhabit similar environs when found on the Material Plane. (Dragon Magazine #101 - Creature Catalog III)
  • Barghests are shapeshifting fiends who can take the form of large blue-skinned goblins or wolves.
  • Nimicri is a unique vast creature that mimics a town. It can duplicate creatures if a single drop of their blood touches it.
  • Phiuhls are vaporous creatures made from foul gases.
  • Pyroclastic dragons are a type of planar dragon that incorporates something of the volcanic nature of the plane into their own beings.
  • Vaporighu are fat, hairy, nasty fiends.
  • Wirchlers are disembodied mouths with two arms. (Dragon #47)

Creative origins

Gehenna is based on the use of Gehenna as a synonym for Hell in Judaism.

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