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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) Firelord, All-Destroyer, Cleanser of Worlds
Home Plane Pandemonium
Power Level Lesser deity
Gender Male
Alignment Chaotic neutral (evil tendencies)
Portfolio Fire, destruction, renewal
Domains Chaos, Destruction, Dragon, Evil, Fire [Renewal]
Superior Io

Garyx (GAIR-iks) is the draconic deity of Fire-using Dragons. He represents both the destructive and cleansing aspects of flame. His symbol is a reptilian eye superimposed over a flame.

Draconomicon (1990) describes Garyx's alignment as chaotic neutral with evil tendencies. Races of the Dragon simply gave him an alignment of chaotic evil (tendencies are generally not used in third edition), but placed him on the plane of Pandemonium (an evil-tending chaotic neutral plane), and stated that his clerics may have chaotic good alignments (something generally not allowed for chaotic evil deities, but permitted for chaotic neutral ones).


Garyx usually manifests as a huge dragon the color of flames: sometimes he is red, and sometimes he is gold. Some argue that Garyx has gone mad from his long residence among the howling winds of Pandemonium.


Garyx is part of the draconic pantheon, which includes Io, Aasterinian, Astilabor, Bahamut, Hlal, Lendys, Sardior, Tamara, Tiamat, and others.

Garyx shares some traits in common with Kord and Erythnul, but has no interest in alliances.


According to Nigel Findley in the 1990 book Draconomicon, Garyx's realm is on the plane of the Abyss. However, Races of the Dragon placed his realm in Pandemonium instead.


Garyx leads by example, periodically traveling to the Material Plane to burn and destroy. His followers follow suit, burning in their god's name.


Garyx is portrayed either as the All-Destroyer or as the Cleanser of Worlds, and is worshiped under both aspects. As the destroyer, he is worshiped by red dragons. As the Cleanser of Worlds, some rogue gold dragons revere him, having come to the dark conclusion that the only way to rid the world of evil is to sterilize it and begin again. Garyx is also worshiped by sorcerers, warlords, and some druids.


Garyx pays little or no attention to his clerics, but they don't seem to mind. Garyx grants them the power to destroy, and this is enough for them. Some druids also revere Garyx's renewal aspect, noting that some destruction is necessary before nature can rejuvenate itself.

Clerics of Garyx may be chaotic good, chaotic neutral, chaotic evil, or neutral evil.


Few, if any, formal temples to Garyx exist. His worshipers may carve his symbol near structures and landscapes they have reduces to ash.


Common quests for Garyx include wars, battles, and campaigns of destruction.

Praying to Garyx involves lighting a fire and then uttering a phrase such as "Mighty Garyx, grant me the power to destroy!"

On the Winter Solstice, clerics of Garyx celebrate All-Consuming Night, when a great bonfire is created and flammable objects of many kinds are sacrificed to the god.

On the Spring Equinox, Garyx's faithful celebrate the Sanctification of Renewal, when the ashes at the site of the bonfire they set on All-Consuming Night are sifted and examined. Any useful items, such as bits of metal, are recycled into new equipment. Any seedlings growing in the ashes are carefully nurtured.


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