Flanmi River

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The Flanmi River was the most important river in what was once the Great Kingdom of Aerdy and still plays a major part in the trade of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa, but a much lesser role in the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy, due to the lack of navigability.


The Flanmi basin serves to drain nearly all of the area through which it passes. The Mikar River, Imeda River, Thelly River and Nallid River join with the Fanmi as it wends its way south.

The Ahlissan city of Jalpa sits on a small, unnamed river which also empties into the Flanmi.

The Flanmi is navigable from the ruined city of Pontylver to the fallen capital of Rauxes and the city of Orred, though very little traffic travels so far north. The cities of Jalpa and Terrich are the ports of call for most river traffic. Should Pontylver ever be rebuilt, trade would quickly boom on the river.

Flora and fauna

Features and settlements

The Flanmi forms near Eastfair, the capital of the North Kingdom and flows southward until it empties into the Aerdi Sea, near the ruined city of Pontylver.

The North Kingdom city of Darnagal is situated upon the banks of the Flanmi, as are the Ahilssan cities of Rauxes (ruined), Carnifand, Terrich, Sarndt, Pardue and the ruined city of Pontylver. The city of Pardue is situated near the junction of the Flanmi and Thelly rivers.