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Greyhawk Language
Ancient Flan tribesmen, as depicted in The Adventure Begins (1998). Art by David Roach.
Spoken in Tenh, Rovers of the Barrens, Geoff, other isolated locales
Spoken by Flan
Language Family Flan

Flan is the language of the Flan people. It is still spoken in Tenh, although the Tenha form has been much-changed by the Great Migrations and the passing of time. The Rovers of the Barrens speak their own odd Flan dialect. Flan is a comparatively stagnant language, and modern concepts, particularly magical ones, are difficult to translate into it.

Selected glossary

Flan to English

  • Buchveer: bugbear(s)
  • Celbit: kobold(s)
  • Drachen: dragon (presumed)
  • Drachensgrab: Tomb of the Dragon
  • Dwur: dwarf, dwarves
  • Dwur-rohoi: twisted dwarves, or derro.
  • Eiger: ogre(s)
  • Euroz: orc(s)
  • Grab: tomb (presumed)
  • Hobniz: halfling(s)
  • Hoch: high
  • Hoch jebline: hobgoblin(s)
  • Jebli: goblin(s)
  • Kell: gnoll
  • Mitrik: salvation (presumed; possibly Old Oeridian)
  • Noniz: gnome(s)
  • Olve: elf, elves
  • Rohoi: twisted
  • Sehan: heavenly nectar
  • Trulent: troll(s)
  • Veralos: aerie

English to Flan

  • Aerie: veralos
  • Bugbear(s): buchveer
  • Derro: dwur-rohoi
  • Dragon: drachen (presumed)
  • Dwarf, dwarves: dwur
  • Elf, elves: olve
  • Gnoll: kell
  • Gnome(s): noniz
  • Goblin(s): Jebli
  • Halfling(s): hobniz
  • High: hoch
  • Hobgoblin(s): hoch jebline
  • Kobold(s): celbit
  • Ogre(s): eiger
  • Orc(s): euroz
  • Salvation: mitrik (presumed; possibly Old Oeridian)
  • Tomb: grab (presumed)
  • Troll(s): trulent
  • Twisted: rohoi


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