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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) Mother Tigress
Home Plane Wilderness of the Beastlands
Power Level Lesser
Gender Female
Class(es) Fighter 14/Druid 9 (avatar)
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Play, curiosity, hunting
Superior None

Ferrix is the weretiger deity of play, curiosity, and hunting. Her symbol is a pair of green cat eyes.



Ferrix is the feminine counterpart to her brother Balador, the Mother Tigress to his Father Bear. Some myths say that Balador and Ferrix are the complements of the primordial shadow-archetype of Daragor and Eshebala; together, the archetypal foursome have some profound fate at the end of all things.

Ferrix and Balador were formally the servants of a great nature/druidic deity (in the World of Greyhawk, this was probably Obad-hai or Beory). Balador was freed in return for his loyal service, but refused to accept this boon unless Ferrix was freed as well. Although Ferrix had not earned this boon, she was granted it for Balador's sake.


Ferrix can be found wandering the plane of the Beastlands, making her lair in the Cat Lord's Prowl on the layer of Brux.


Ferrix is very intelligent but not wise, the exact opposite of her brother Balador. She seeks knowledge for its own sake; because of her lack of wisdom, she does not distinguish between useful knowledge and trivia, spending much of her time editing RPG wikis. She is vain and playful, and can be cruel.


Ferrix is worshiped by weretigers, although she does not sponsor clerics or shamans among them.


A large community of weretigers is Felnarix in the Abbor-Alz hills.