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The Fellreev Forest is one of the largest woodlands in the Flanaess. Only the Vesve and Burneal Forests are larger, and only the Adri Forest is of comparable size. The Fellreev borders the lands of the Rovers of the Barrens, the Bandit Kingdoms, and the former lands of the Horned Society (now claimed by the Empire of Iuz).



The trees of the Fellreev are a mix of alder, birch, oak, and scrub oak, with some sablewood, and pine. Carnivorous plants, especially hangman trees, are not uncommon. There are a few fruiting trees, tubers, and yarpick, but not many.


Animal life includes squirrels, rabbits, foxes, small deer, and a few timber wolves to the north. There are also some thick-furred baboons called boreamandrills, said to be possessed of a vicious nature and sly cunning. Along the Artonsamay River and Cold Run are wild dogs, otters, and water rats. The shores of Lake Aqal team with wildlife as well as large monsters.


The Fellreev includes 6,000 wood elves divided into two major clans. In the northwest the wood elves live with some 200 voadkyn. To the east is the larger of the two clans, the Fanlareshen, who have allied themselves with refugees from the Bandit Kingdoms.

The humans of the forest include some 2,000 woodsmen of primarily Flan blood with some Oeridian admixture. There are another thousand refugees from the Rovers of the Barrens, though many have been suffering from scurvy and tuberculosis. There are 2,000 unaligned ("free") bandits from the Bandit Kingdoms, around 2,000 refugees from the Horned Society loyal to the Hierarch Nezmajen in Darkpool, and the 3,000 Reyhu bandits allied with the Fanlareshen.

The two major orc tribes in the region are the Uroz and the Dazark. The Dazark, numbering some 2,500, are the larger and more important of the two. They are born survivors; they will attack the Uroz if they can, but will always retreat before powerful adversaries. They have many priests of Luthic among them offering healing and progression, and they are allied with 1,000 losels, who they treat well.

The Fellreev is also home to some 1,000 gnolls and flinds and around 1,600 kobolds. In the eastern forest, there are some 600 bugbears serving Iuz.

There are no more than 20 druids in the forest, all pure-blood Flan serving Obad-Hai.

The ingundi may be partly responsible for the Fellreev's reputation as a hostile place.

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