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Greyhawk Deity
Faluzure the Night Dragon, as depicted on the DVD cover of Dungeons & Dragons 2: Wrath of the Dragon God (2005).
Title(s) The Night Dragon
Home Plane Tarterian Depths of Carceri
Power Level Lesser
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral Evil
Portfolio Energy Draining, Undeath, Decay, Exhaustion
Domains Darkness, Death, Dragon, Evil, Undeath
Alias(es) Falazure, Null
Superior Io

Faluzure is the dragon deity of Energy Draining, Undeath, Decay, and Exhaustion. "Faluzure" is also sometimes spelled "Falazure". His symbol is a draconic skull.


Faluzure is a wretched, creeping thing no longer able to fly, but he has a gravely terrible beauty nonetheless. He is vast and sleek, with silver-edged scales of midnight blue and vestigial wings; he may also appear as a handsome human or comely elf. He is a brilliant, gifted master of disguise, and lacks his sister Tiamat's recklessness. He requires a continuous stream of death to maintain his beauty and perfection; if he goes without death for too long, he becomes gaunt and skeletal.


Like Chronepsis, Bahamut, Tiamat, and others, Faluzure is a child of the draconic creator deity Io. Faluzure hates Bahamut and Tiamat equally, and he fears Chronepsis. Tamara is one of his staunchest enemies. He may occasionally ally with Nerull.

Legend has it that Faluzure endlessly pursues his sister Hlal in retribution for a prank she played on him.


Faluzure's Mausoleum of Pain is located on the plane of Carceri on the desert layer of Minethys, home of hoarders. His burrow, where he performs vile necromantic experiments on stolen corpses, is surrounded by a wasteland of bones. There, he is served by an army of ju-ju zombies.


Faluzure teaches that, as long as the lives of dragons are, still they are finite. This need not be the case, however, for undeath lies beyond like a tantalizing treasure trove. Most believe that Faluzure played a part in the creation of the first undead dragons, though he is not mentioned in the legend of Dragotha.


Faluzure is worshipped by shadow dragons and undead dragons. He is revered by many necromancers of nondraconic races as well, and by intelligent undead. Among the dragon gods, only Bahamut and Tiamat have more nondraconic followers than Faluzure.


The favored weapon of Faluzure's clerics is the scimitar or claw. Prayers are held twice daily, at evening and midnight.


Temples to Faluzure are always subterranean and kept safe from the light of the sun.


Faluzure's rituals normally involve raising up undead or transforming oneself into undead form. Prayers to the Night Dragon celebrate death and decay, comparing transformation into undeath to waking from sleep.

Faluzure in other media

Faluzure appears in Dungeons & Dragons 2: Wrath of the Dragon God.


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