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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Faerie
Gender Female
Race Faerie
Class Invoker 10
Alignment Chaotic neutral

The faerie mage Escalla is a major character in three novels and a short story written by Paul Kidd.


Escalla resembles an elf woman, but she is only eighteen inches high. Oh, and she has insectlike wings. Many of her spells are bee-themed, but she's not averse to the occasional impetuously-aimed fireball.

Escalla is vain, overconfident, dishonest, and greedy. She is also brilliant, irrepressible, and lovable.


Escalla's companions include the Justicar, his sentient hellhound pelt Cinders, the young soldier Henry, the sphinx Enid, the badger Polk. Escalla is deeply and obviously in love with the Justicar, the fire to his ice, and neither is willing to live without the other. She and Enid are fast friends, and she is friends with Henry and Polk as well. Cinders adores her.


Escalla was a princess of the fey who went into self-imposed exile in the Prime Material Plane, searching for adventure. After the Justicar was forced to take her on a journey at swordpoint, there was no getting rid of her. She's adventured with Jus and their other companions into White Plume Mountain, the Underdark, and the Demonweb Pits.