Erevan Ilesere

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Greyhawk Deity
Erevan Ilesere
Erevan Ilesere, as depicted in Dragon #60 (1982).
Title(s) The Trickster, the Chameleon, the Green Changeling, the Evershifting Shapechanger, the Fey Jester, the Jack of the Seelie Court
Home Plane Olympian Glades of Arborea
Power Level Intermediate
Gender Male
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio Mischief, Change, Rogues
Domains Celerity, Chaos, Domination, Elf, Luck, Madness, Trickery
Superior Corellon Larethian

Erevan Ilesere is the elven deity of Mischief, Change, and Rogues. Erevan is a fickle, utterly unpredictable god who can change his appearance at will. His symbol is a nova star with asymmetrical rays.


Erevan can change his appearance at will.


The elven pantheon of gods (also known as the Seldarine) consists of the leader Corellon Larethian, as well as Aerdrie Faenya, Deep Sashelas, Erevan Ilesere, Fenmarel Mestarine, Hanali Celanil, Labelas Enoreth, Rillifane Rallathil, Sehanine Moonbow, and Solonor Thelandira. Other elven gods are also present.

Some humorous tales say that Erevan changed form and sex in order to conceive and bear the unicorn god Eachthighern with the ki-rin god Koriel. Erevan is a close ally of the Seelie Court and a regular accomplice of the dwarven god Dugmaren Brightmantle.

The draconic deity Hlal is a boon companion of Erevan Ilesere. Hlal is often known as Avachel to the elves.


Erevan lives in the realm of Arvandor on the plane of Arborea in a shifting, trap-filled palace made from wood, stone, and crystal near one of Yggdrasil's roots..


Besides elves, Erevan is also worshiped by some pixies, leprechauns, brownies, sprites and other small, elflike beings.


Erevan's clerics dress in black leather armor with leather caps, and never worship him in the same place twice.

Holy days and rituals

Erevan's holy days are on the eclipses, and his faithful sacrifice stolen treasures to him whenever they feel it is appropriate.


Erevan02.jpg Erevan Ilesere Holy Symbol.gif Erevan priest01.jpg


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