Eli Tomorast

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Greyhawk Character
Eli Tomorast
Eli Tomorast01.jpg
Eli Tomorast, as depicted on the cover of Dungeon #112. Art by Wayne Reynolds.
Homeland Unknown
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Unknown
Class Wizard
Alignment Evil

Eli Tomorast is the wizard who serves as the primary antagonist in Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure.


Eli Tomorast is a gaunt human, with black hair and facial hair. His forearms and hands have been replaced by those of an unknown demon, giving him additional powers which make him a more powerful adversary in the module.


Little is known of Eli Tomorast's early years. What is known is that at some point, he visited the Lost City of the Elders, possibly as a member of a Seeker expedition, where he discovered the Tome of the Black Heart, a powerful artifact which gave Tomorast the ability to summon and control a powerful demon named Kerzit. Tomorast set up Kerzit as a false god in order to expand his power, and provided sacrifices to the demon.

In the 550s CY, Tomorast led a band of renegade Seekers to the ruins of Maure Castle, which he successfully entered and began looting. However, Tomorast had an ulterior agenda as well, for he wished to establish a concealed place to summon Kerzit.

In the 560s CY, Mordenkainen and his companions Bigby, Riggby, and Yrag delved into the dungeons to face off against Tomorast and his Seekers, seemingly killing Tomorast and several of his men and making off with many of the choicest treasures of the subcomplex.

However, Tomorast was not dead for long -- he was raised by a cleric of the gnoll demon lord Yeenoghu. Soon, with a revamped Seeker organization, Tomorast began delving deeper into the secrets of the castle, recently even finding some communication between the outlying complex he has occupied and the main dungeon complex under the castle proper. Tomorast eventually discovered a way into the true dungeons of Maure Castle, and set about gathering the power required to take his revenge.


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