Elemental Plane of Water

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Greyhawk Plane
Elemental Plane of Water
Type Inner Plane
Layers n/a
Alignment No alignment traits
Native Inhabitants Marids, water elementals, water weirds, nereids, undine, hydrax, spitters, varrdig, mephits, gen, tritons, suisseen, water weirds, tojanida, ungulosin
Greyhawk Powers Istishia, Olhydra, Blibdoolpoolp, Osprem, Eadro, Persana, Ben-Hadar

The Elemental Plane of Water is an infinite, mostly freshwater ocean that glows with a blue-green light. This ocean has no up or down, no real surface or seabed, although coral reefs sometimes wind through the deep, and occasionally pockets of other elements drift by.


The Elemental Plane of Water touches the border Ethereal Plane at all points. Toward the Positive Energy Plane it becomes the Quasielemental Plane of Steam and toward the Negative Energy Plane it becomes the Quasielemental Plane of Salt. Toward the Elemental Plane of Earth it becomes the Paraelemental Plane of Ooze and toward the Elemental Plane of Air it becomes the Paraelemental Plane of Ice. Vortices spiral through the Ethereal Plane to connect the Plane of Water with the depths of great lakes and oceans on the Prime Material Plane. Vortices to the Plane of Water can also open up in storm surges and whirlpools, though these are hazardous to navigate.

A portal leads between the 89th layer of the Abyss, Dagon's realm, to the stronghold of Olhydra. A vortex known as the Bubble Net leads to the clouds of the Elemental Plane of Air. A portal in the Court of Stars in Arborea leads to Ben-Hadar's stronghold. A vortex known as the Pale River links the Great Dismal Delve on the Elemental Plane of the Earth with the muddiest marid oyster beds on the Elemental Plane of Water. On Elysium, a portal called the Oceanus Gate, guarded by a water genasi with the power of storms, connects the plane with the upper planar waterway known as the River Oceanus. In the fiery depths of Muspelheim on the plane of Ysgard, a prophetic pool known as the Silver Eye can open a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water, if one wades into it while carrying a yew staff.



Fish and aquatic animals of all kinds swim through the Elemental Plane of Water, from tiny plankton to unique creatures too vast to have names. Fish and other creatures are often found in much larger sizes on this plane than on Oerth, as they have no upper limits in resources they can consume, so things like sharks thousands of feet long have been seen. As well as mundane animals, there are "animentals," creatures of living water in the shape of beasts. Animals that require air to survive, such as whales and dolphins, are normally not found on this plane.

  • Amber barnacles are golden-shelled arthropods that can grow on almost any surface from coral to ice. They have a nasty electric defense. (Dragon #347)
  • Brine coral is a rust-colored coral that releases acid and salt around it, creating areas of burn water.


Aquatic plants, like algae and kelp, are common in the Plane of Water, absorbing energy from the mysterious blue-green light that permeates the plane.

  • Entangle weed is an almost invisible seaweed that traps victims who venture too near (Dragon #347).
  • Nahre lotus are beautiful water lilies whose roots extend into the Elemental Plane of Water. (Dragon #357).
  • Shiver sludge is a crystalline gray slime that drains strength from those within it, ultimately freezing them in ice. It is immune to both fire and cold. (Dragon #347)


  • Angel, Monadic Deva (FF)
  • Anguillian (MMIV)
  • Animental (PSMCIII)
  • Aquatic Ooze (FF)
  • Arctine (Complete Psionic)
  • Bzastra (PSMCIII)
  • Caller from the Deeps (Stormwrack)
  • Chososion (PSMCIII)
  • Chuul (MM)
  • Coral Golem (MMIV)
  • Darfellan (Stormwrack)
  • Dragon, Topaz (MMII)
  • Dragon Turtle (MM)
  • Elemental, Water (MM)
  • Elemental Monolith, Water (Complete Arcane)
  • Elemental, Primal, Water (ELH)
  • Elemental Drake, Water (Draconomnicon)
  • Elemental Weird, Water (MMII)
  • Elementite Swarm, Water (Planar Handbook)
  • Elemental Vermin, Spitter (MCA1)
  • Elf, Aquatic
  • Gen, Water (Dragon #315)
  • Genasi, Water (Dragon #293, MoF)
  • Genie, Marid (MotP)
  • Giant, Ocean (MMII)
  • Giant, Storm (MM)
  • Grue, Water (Dragon #285, Complete Arcane)
  • Half-Elemental, Water (MotP)
  • Hydrax (Mystara MC)
  • Ixitxachitl (MMII)
  • Jellyfish Swarm (Stormwrack)
  • Kopru (MMII)
  • Kraken (MM)
  • Kuo-toa (MM)
  • Locathah (MM)
  • Magori (Bestiary of Krynn)
  • Mephit, Water (MM)
  • Mephling, Water (Planar Handbook)
  • Merfolk (MM)
  • Morkoth (MMII)
  • Nereid (Stormwrack)
  • Ocean Strider (MMII)
  • Omnimental (MMIII)
  • Piranha Swarm (Stormwrack)
  • Ramfish (Stormwrack)
  • Sahuagin (MM)
  • Sea Lion (MM)
  • Sea Serpent (Menace Manual)
  • Sea Wolf (Dragon #293)
  • Seryulin (MMIII)
  • Shark (MM)
  • Siege Crab (MMIII)
  • Sisiutl (Stormwrack)
  • Squid (MM)
  • Suisseen (PSMCIII)
  • Tojanida (MM)
  • Triton (MM)
  • Undine (Mystara MC)
  • Ungulosin (PSMCIII)
  • Unraveler (Planar Handbook)
  • Water Element Creature (MotP)
  • Water Minion (Bestiary of Krynn)
  • Waterveiled Assassin (MMIV)
  • Yurian (FF)

Features and settlements

  • The Avenger is a mechanical ship shaped like a titanic manta ray. It was supposedly built by Lum the Mad (The Inner Planes).
  • The Bubble Net (Secrets of the Lamp, Inner Planes)
  • Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls, the realm of the marids (Inner Planes, Secrets of the Lamp)
  • City of Glass (Inner Planes, Vortex of Madness)
  • Curling Wave, the realm of the Finnish god Ahto (Inner Planes, On Hallowed Ground)
  • Diehl Kranar's Elemental Home (Dungeon #72)
  • Murky Depths, the realm of Blibdoolpoolp (Inner Planes, On Hallowed Ground)
  • Olhydra's Citadel (Inner Planes)
  • Shelluria is the realm of Eadro and Persana (Inner Planes)
  • Ssesurgass, the fortress of Ben-Hadar (Inner Planes)
  • Undinerealm (Inner Planes)
  • Whirlcurrents is the name of Osprem's realm. (Warriors of Heaven)


  • Burn water is an expanse of elemental acid, forming where pockets of elemental Mineral or Ooze dissolve, or by brine coral. (The Inner Planes)
  • Chromatic shells, thought to be the remains of natives of the Astral Plane, are serrated shells that change colors depending on the emotions of those nearby. (Dragon #347)
  • Fluidstone is a black, oily tar that, if heated to boiling, becomes a dark blue glasslike substance. It is used by natives of the plane to create armor as hard as steel, or a variety of other crafts. (Dragon #347)
  • Liquid air is a massive, spherical pocket of sparkling water that can be breathed normally by terrestial life, as if it were air. Trading posts are often built in such regions, though these are by necessity temporary; they are unstable, and seldom last more than a few days. (Dragon #347)
  • Platinum pearls are silver-white oyster pearls with the peculiar property of absorbing electrical attacks. Victims of such attacks find the electricity destroying the pearls before they hurt them. (Dragon #347)
  • Red tides are quickly-flowing currents of water infected with some kind of plague or parasite that turns them the color of blood. Every mortal creature within their reach are infected with the same contagion. (The Inner Planes)
  • Thin water is an irregularly-shaped bubble of liquid somehow thinner than the water around it, allowing creatures to move at double speed. Such regions normally form near vortices to the Positive Energy Plane. (Dragon #347)


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