Eldritch Lords

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Greyhawk Organization
Eldritch Lords
Type Magicians Guild
Headquarters Rel Deven, United Kingdom of Ahlissa
Allies Unknown
Enemies The Naelaxian Overkings

The Eldritch Lords of the Aerdi are an enigmatic group of magicians based in the city of Rel Deven.


The organization was founded in Rauxes (LGJ #4, page 17). They acted as sages and tutors to the noble houses of the Great Kingdom in a manner similar to the Silent Ones of Keoland (LGJ #4, page 11). But the Turmoil Between Crowns changed their role dramatically. The Eldritch Lords refused to pledge their allegiance to the first Overking of House Naelax, Ivid I of North Province (LGJ #4, 17). By the reign of Ivid V they had removed themselves from all ties to the Malachite Throne. They maintained ties only to the houses of Garasteth] and Cranden (LGJ #4, 17).

In more recent times, Overking Xavener of United Kingdom of Ahlissa has requested the Eldritch Lords serve as advisors to his own court in Kalstrand. With some hesitation, they have accepted his overtures (LGJ #4, 17).