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The phrase Elder Elemental God normally refers to the Elder Elemental Eye, which is secretly an aspect of Tharizdun.

Other elemental cults

Evil elemental cults mentioned in the article "Silent Sorcery" by Gary Holian include the Cult of the Black Flame, the Cult of the Earth Dragon, the "Lords of the Elder Elements," and the Princes of Elemental Evil. These cults all seek to release certain ancient evil beings of elemental nature.

Other Elder Evils

The aboleth race recognizes a class of powerful alien entities who predate the gods. Collectively known as the "Elder Evils," these beings generally care nothing for any mortal race, offering only madness and destruction.

  • Bolothamogg, Him Who Watches from Beyond the Stars, is a guardian force that seeks to protect the Far Realm from the "taint" of our reality. Bolothamogg has some sort of alliance with the demon lord Areex.
  • Holashner, the Hunger Below, is one of the few Elder Evils to exist fully in the Prime Material Plane. Appearing as part squid and part centipede, this massive creature burrows through the deepest reaches of the world, driven only by its unending hunger. It eats stone, magma, creatures, and anything else in its path.
  • Piscaethces, the Blood Queen, is the source of the aboleth race, depicted as a vast aboleth with no tentacles and with mucus the color of blood.
  • Shothotugg, the Eater of Worlds, dwells in a distant corner of the multiverse, physically far removed from the world itself. An undulant mass of seething fluid the size of a mountain, Shothotugg travels through the gulfs of space from world to world, poisoning and parasitizing any world on which it alights. The kopru call Shothotugg the Great Whirlpool and believe it to be one of the "mothers" of Demogorgon.
  • Y’chak, the Violet Flame, is unique among the Elder Evils in a terrible way—it is actively interested in the development of life or, to be more precise, in the development of the destruction of life. Its true form is said to be a brilliant pillar of violet flames that conceal an inner form so horrifying that to see it clearly is to invite utter destruction upon the body and soul.

Other unrelated beings are sometimes described using the sometimes-hyperbolic phrase "Elder Evils," including Atropus, Kyuss, Ragnorra, Sertrous, and others.


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