Elayne Mystica

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Greyhawk Character
Elayne Mystica
Elayne Mystica02.jpg
Elayne Mystica, as depicted in Dragon #139. Art by Valerie Valusek.
Homeland Irongate (formally Passage of Slerotin)
Gender Female
Race Human (Lerara)
Age 264 (born 333 CY)
Class Magic-user 19 (psionic)
Alignment Neutral good

Elayne Mystica is a powerful mage and psionicist dwelling in the Free City of Irongate and in a demiplane linked to it.


Elayne is a true albino, her skin and hair as white as snow and her eyes deep pink. She often has magical symbols drawn on her face; her flowing robes are deep in color. She is five feet and three inches in height and weighs 110 pounds.


Elayne is an employee and friend of Cobb Darg, Lord Mayor of Irongate. She is also an ally of Tsolorandril, a hero-deity of wave motions. She retains membership in her old adventuring group, the Company of the Iron Fist, but is too powerful these days to work well with them. She has numerous other acquaintances she has met on her crossplanar adventures.

She is an acquaintance of Mordenkainen, and once offered him a look at a lost notebook of Slerotin in exchange for aiding her adopted city, and an ally of Bigby.


When not in Irongate, Elayne dwells in a twilight demiplane, probably created by the djinni mage Tol-Kan-Zeeb, who enchanted the plane so that no normal weapons may be drawn within its confines without having to save or be disintegrated. The demiplane is abnormally entropic, and magical effects occur within it at random - portals randomly opening and sometimes transporting people against their will. Time flows very slowly in this plane, accounting for Elayne's advanced age. Elayne has an "escape portal" in case the demiplane disintegrates.


Elayne Mystica, as depicted in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000). Art by Vince Locke.

"Elayne," as she is known today, was born in 333 CY on the 7th day of Needfest to a clan of a subterranean Suloise people known as the Lerara. Her father was a minor noble, his status based on the growing of fungi, the training of hunters, and the distilling of poisons. She was the first-born of her brothers and sisters, but her father preferred a son to inherit the family estate, so she was sent away to become an acolyte of the Mother, the glowing amoeba-like being who the Lerara worship. For the first years of her life she lived among the priests of that foul entity, who trained her to assist in the sacrificial rites, gifting their patron with the life energy of the old, the crippled, and the diseased among the Lerara. At the age of 16 she escaped that cruel existence, fleeing through myriad winding tunnels to the distant world of the sun and sky.

After wandering through the wilderness for a week, Elayne was rescued by the elves of the Oytwood Forest, who trained her in their mystic arts. The elves, however, abhorred psionics, and cast her out in 356 CY when her wild talents manifested. Calling herself "Celene," she adventured alone for several years. She joined for a time a group of adventurers known as the Company of the Iron Fist, and ultimately found herself in the service of Cobb Darg of Irongate.


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