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Greyhawk Planet
Planetary Body Type Air
Size 100,000 miles in diameter
Rotational Period 36 hours
Orbital Period 40 Oerth months
Satellites None
Distance from Primary 400,000,000 miles.
Native Inhabitants Dragons, others

Edill is a gas giant in Greyspace, the planetary system in which Oerth is set. It orbits Oerth at a distance of 400 million miles, making a complete circuit every 40 months.

Physical description

Edill is almost 100,000 miles in diameter (bigger than Jupiter). From space, it is the same blue as a robin's egg. It has no solid ground, and the atmosphere is the same density (about the same as Oerth's at sea level) throughout its mass. A "membrane" of some sort permits anything but air to pass through it easily. Because there is so much atmosphere, however, the light of the sun does not penetrate beyond 500 miles from space. Gravity on Edill is the same strength as that of Oerth, directed toward the center of the world.

The air of Edill is placid, the winds normally gentle and fierce storms exceptionally rare. Bodies of fire, earth, and water orbit the center of the world within the atmosphere, providing rare places to stand on, be soaked, or be incinerated. These bodies never collide with one another.


The primary natives of Edill are dragons. Close to 95% of these are metallic. They are half again as big as the dragons of Oerth. Edill's silver dragons have a sophisticated society based on philosophy, mathematics, and contemplation, revering the goddess Rais. They have no written records and build no permanent structures. Edill is also home to aarakocra, wyverns, and other flying species.


Skykine are common prey animals on Edill, resembling broad-bodied dragons with atrophied legs. Their heads are alligator-like, with wide-spaced bulbous eyes. They range in color from off-white to blue-gray, blending into the skies of their world. They are only of animal intelligence. Their wings seem tiny and useless; they fly using an internal organ that allows them to levitate within their world's atmosphere. An adult skykine is around 65 feet long. They travel in small herds.


  • Skyhaven is an earth body about 3 miles in diameter, making it the largest by far of Edill's "floating islands." It can be found about a mile from deep space, so it is perfectly well lit during the day. Skyhaven is home to about 100 silver dragons, plus one or two members of other metallic dragon species. The upper surface features a large lake. Prominent citizens of Skyhaven include the philosopher Stanus and the logician Perinaura.
  • The Diver is an earth body with an eccentric orbit, ranging from Skyhaven's altitude to deep within the sunless realms. It is only about a third Skyhaven's size. The Diver is home to about 75 aggressive red dragons who inhabit the caverns and passageways of the rock. They are led in battle by the warlord Torch.


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