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Greyhawk Realm
Free Lands of Dyvers
The heraldry of Dyvers, as depicted in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000).
Motto/Nickname City of Sails
Region Central Flanaess
Ruler Magister Larissa Hunter
Government Democratic meritocracy
Established Independent since 526 CY
Capital Free and Independent City of Dyvers
Major Towns Dyvers, Caltaran, Maraven
Provinces One major noble fief (City of Dyvers), and six lordships over two villages (Caltaran and Maraven) and surrounding countryside.
Resources Shipbuilding supplies, foodstuffs (fish, meat, cheeses, local ales), clothing
Coinage [Modified Furyondy] citadel (pp), wheatsheaf (gp), galley (ep), wagon (sp), common (cp)
Population 128,000
Races Human (Osfbr), gnome, halfling, elf, dwarf, half-elf, half-orc
Languages Common, Rhopan, Gnomish, Halfling
Alignments N*, LG, NG, LN, CN
Religions Zilchus*, Saint Cuthbert, Pelor, Fharlanghn, Xerbo, Ehlonna, Heironeous, Istus, Olidammara, Rao, Obad-Hai
Allies Furyondy, Veluna, Verbobonc, Greyhawk (weak)
Enemies Empire of Iuz, Pomarj, orcs of the Gnarley Forest

Dyvers, the "City of Sails," is a free city and political state in the central Flanaess. The city itself is officially known as the Free and Independent City of Dyvers, while the political state is known as the Free Lands of Dyvers.


Dyvers was originally the capital of Furyondy, an important trading center with the lake and river traffic from Bissel, Nyrond, the Urnst states, and even lands as far away as Perrenland and the Theocracy of the Pale. Dyvers proclaimed itself a free city in 526 CY, alleging that it was uncomfortable with Furyondy allying with Veluna, a state whose policies Dyvers found overly restrictive. This was probably just a pretext, but King Thrommel II of Furyondy allowed the secession to pass in return for Dyvers continuing to contribute taxes and levies to Furyondian coffers.


Dyvers lays claim to some 2000 miles of territory along the south bank of the Velverdyva to the Gnarley Forest. It also claims a number of small islands at the mouth of the great river, which are heavily wharfed and warehoused and form the center of the River Quarter of the city.



Dyvers' influx of refugees has been a mixed blessing. Many mercenaries come to the city seeking employment, and some skilled people have settled there. On the other hand, in the poorer quarters of the city, many Shield Landers (among others) have sought refuge, and overcrowding is now a major problem. Not unnaturally, Dyversians blame the incomers for an epidemic outbreak of a typhuslike illness which killed nearly a thousand folk shortly after the Shield Landers' mass influx from Admundfort.

Internecine assaults and murders are not unusual. The constables of the Watch, famous for their ostentatious insignia and the flashy epaulettes of their officers, often have their work cut out maintaining peace.


The rulers of Dyvers are drawn by meritocratic vote from mages, scholars, experienced warriors, and priests.

Administrative divisions

The Free Lands of Dyvers consists of one major noble fief (City of Dyvers), and six lordships over two villages (Caltaran and Maraven) and the surrounding countryside.

Executive branch

Executive power lies in the hands of the Magister of Dyvers, currently Larissa Hunter, who has held her office since 585 CY.

Legislative branch

Judicial branch


The city's coat of arms is blazoned thus: Or, a castle triple-towered sable; on a chief party per bend gules and azure, dexter three crowns in bend of the first, sinister a decrescent argent.


Dyvers has something of a rivalry with Greyhawk City, since their territories overlap to the east. Dyvers looks upon Greyhawk's expansion with some ill ease.


Important resources of Dyvers include shipbuilding supplies, foodstuffs (fish, meat, cheeses, local ales), clothing. Dyvers has a somewhat declining income from trade, but its fishing vessels still capture good harvests of gar, pike, and a golden, carp-like fish from the Nyr Dyv. Dyvers also has an axebeak ranch.


Dyvers's coinage consists of the platinum citadel, gold wheatsheaf, electrum galley, silver wagon, and copper common.



Dyvers' army and militias have been strengthened by recruitment from the best of the Shield Landers, and a handful of good warriors have fled here from conquered lands of the west (Bissel, Geoff, and Sterich).


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