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Greyhawk Character
Drelnza, Iggwilv's treasure, as depicted in Dungeon #151.
Homeland Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
Gender Female
Race Human vampire
Age Born between 481 and 491 CY (deceased)
Class Fighter (samurai in 3rd edition) 13
Alignment Lawful evil

Drelnza was a fearsome vampire discovered in stasis in the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. She is assumed to now be dead, slain by adventurers.


Drelnza had raven tresses and ruby-red lips. She was completely armored in gold-chased full plate, her helmet's plume as black as her hair. She carried Heretic, a magical bastard sword (described as a wakizashi in the third edition version).


Drelnza was the daughter of Iggwilv and the half-sister of Iuz. The identity of her father is unknown, but it is almost certainly not Graz'zt.


According to Dragon #336, Drelnza was born between 481 and 491 CY, while her mother was queen of Perrenland.

In Isle of the Ape, Tenser reports that Iggwilv is "much wroth, for her beloved daughter was laid low."


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