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The Dramidj Ocean circles the continent of Telchuria and, thus, the north pole of the world of Oerth, interrupted on occasion by ice bridges. The Icy Sea may be part of it; the Jothumheim Sea, Sea of Hyperboria, and the Gulf of Ghayar certainly are.


  • The green waters near the Baklunish states of Ekbir and Zeif are unnaturally warm, keeping the Baklunish Basin more temperate than it would otherwise be. In winter, fogs and icebergs are still a hazard. Beneath the water swim deadly puddings and dragon turtles, and in the skies fly dragons and rocs. On the coast of Blackmoor, the Baklunish-descended Guryik hunt. The Mouqollad Consortium sends merchant fleets across the ocean regularly on journeys through the various archipelagos that may last months or years.
  • The Gulf of Ghayar is the southernmost arm of the Dramidj Ocean, dividing the Baklunish lands from north-central Oerik. It is populated by merfolk, especially between the Janasibs and the nation of Komal.
  • The Sea of Hyperboria borders Telchuria, the High Khanate, and Orcreich. On the western edge of the sea, a huge ice bridge known as Gigantea forms around a chain of islands that is also the largest mountain range in the world.
  • The Icy Sea is considered either part of the Dramidj Ocean or part of the Solnor Ocean. It remains frozen except during High Summer. The waters are dangerous even in summer due to thick fogs and icebergs. Whales and leviathans swim these chill waters. The Suloise-descended Zeai and Thillonrian Peninsula barbarians sail these waters.
  • The Jothumheim Sea lies on the other side of Gigantea between Telchuria and the elven lands of Ravilla.


The Ataphads, Janasibs, and Qaya-Bureis are archipelagos within the Dramidj near the Baklunish lands. The Pinnacles of Azor'alq also protrude from these waters.

Creative origins

The name Dramidj is an anagram of sorts for Jim Ward.