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The Drachensgrab Hills and environs, as depicted on the Paizo map (2005).

The Drachensgrabs are a system of hills that dominates the Pomarj Peninsula. Early Suloise colonists called them the Suenha Hills until they learned the Flan name for them, Drachensgrab, which means "Tomb of the Dragon" in their tongue.


The Drachensgrab Hills are rich in mineral wealth and filled with monsters. There are several small mountains in their midst, including one active volcano (Mount Flamenblut). The Drachensgrabs contain many lakes and small streams. The hills are irregular, with many flat areas between them.

The largest mountain in the Drachensgrabs is Mount Drachenkopf, the home of the hidden city of Kalen Lekos. To the west is the more famous Mount Flamenblut, which destroyed the city of Suderham. South of Mount Flamenblut is the small smoking mountain Drach Aloos. The smallest mountain in the Drachensgrabs is Hakentos. Rising from the shadow of Mount Drachenkopf, Hakentos is considered taboo by worshipers of the Earth Dragon.

According to the novel Artifact of Evil, a mountainous portion of the Drachensgrab Hills is known as the Wormsjaws. Prince Olinstaad Corond longs to regain access to its rich mines.

The Drachensgrabs are divided in half by a brick road leading from Highport past Kalen Lekos to Stoneheim .


The Drachensgrab Hills are subject to frequent rains, strong on their fringes but gentle toward their interior.



Local humanoid tribes include goblins, hobgoblins, gnolls, flinds, kobolds, ogres, and orcs, as well as wicked humans. Ogres, hill giants, stone giants, and verbeeg have also been encountered in the Drachensgrabs.


Known tribes include:





Flora and fauna

The Drachensgrab Hills are covered in rich topsoil. Hill antelope and deer roam the wilderness. More exotic fauna include death dogs, devil dogs, and pterosaurs.

The Drachensgrab lakes sometimes contain a prehistoric reptile or two, lizardfolk, freshwater trolls, or giant frogs.


Legend has it that powerful beings will awaken in anger if their resting places beneath the Drachensgrabs are disturbed. There are actually several such beings, including the Earth Dragon, Krovis, and the prisoners of the Twisted Forest.


The Drachensgrab Hills were formed long ago by slow volcanic action. They were once part of the Kingdom of Keoland before the Ulek States rebelled. The Pomarj itself rebelled against the Principality of Ulek, and then after the Hateful Wars almost a century ago the whole region was conquered by orcs, goblinoids, gnolls, and other wicked nonhumams.

Creative origins

Robert J. Kuntz wrote an unpublished module set in the Drachensgrabs called Lair of the Pit Fiend. Gary Gygax's original note in the World of Greyhawk folio that something would rise in anger if disturbed was a reference to this adventure.


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