Doresain (true ghoul)

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Greyhawk Character
Homeland White Kingdom
Gender Male
Race True ghoul
Age Unknown
Class Priest 15
Alignment Neutral evil

Doresain is the king of the White Kingdom in the Underdark of Oerth. It is not clear if he is the same as the Abyssal lord known as Doresain, the King of Ghouls. The two kings are described differently, and it is known that mortal ghouls sometimes create kingdoms on the Prime Material Plane in imitation of the White Kingdom that the King of the Ghouls built on the Abyss. It is also true that the King of Ghouls has been known to do as Doresain has done and transform human necromancers meddling with the Negative Energy Plane.


Doresain is a thin, wasted-looking ghoul whose eyes are black holes in his skull. He is blind, but can sense life. He wears a heavy crown of silver and dark half-plate armor with green inlays and greenish corrosion. His throne is surrounded by four floating skulls with fiery eyes. He wears a cloak made of reddish-black strips of leather, and holds a mace in one hand and a wand in the other. This cloak, the lurker cloak, transforms him into a cloaker at will.


Doresain's consort is Maerynae, a Suel lich.


Doresain rules from Blackgate Palace in the city of Kilenor. There, he sits on the Alabaster Throne in the Court of Lost Souls.


One hundred years ago, a cabal of seven mages from distant lands to the west of the Flanaess created an artifact called the Orb of Shadows that would open a portal to the Negative Energy Plane, through which they hoped to channel the power of the plane to increase the might of their undead servants. To ensure their safety, they worked their magic deep in the Underdark beneath the Hellfurnace Mountains. They spent years preparing for the ceremony, but even so all their wards and protections failed them. From the portal emerged Doresain, the first of the true ghoul race to be seen on Oerth. He paralyzed his summoners, and leisurely devoured one while the others looked on in fear. The remaining wizards were transformed into true ghouls like himself, and these six became the first nobles of the White Kingdom.