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Greyhawk Character
Demara the Enchantress
Homeland Nol-Daer (Wild Coast)
Gender Female
Race Human
Age Unknown (active around 200-100 years ago)
Class Magic-user
Alignment Evil

Demara the Enchantress was an evil sorceress of some repute, and the original owner of castle Nol-Daer.


Demara is the mother of the cambion MacDaer, who was sired by a "conjured demonic friend" of Demara's. The exact identity of the father has not been revealed, but Demara had her son fostered by Arzial, a cambion son of Graz'zt.


Demara disappeared many decades ago, and her fortress, Nol-Daer on the Wild Coast, fell into ruin after being attacked by a passing orc horde around 526 CY.


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