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Greyhawk Deity
Home Plane Wanders
Power Level Lesser
Gender Male
Class(es) Fighter 14 (avatar)
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Marauding beasts, bloodlusts, pain
Superior None

Daragor is a god of bestial and instinctual lycanthropes; his portfolio includes marauding beasts, bloodlusts, and pain. His symbol is a werewolf's head.


Daragor appears either as a 12-foot-long wolf or as a seawolf, a fierce shapechanger similar to a seal with a wolf's head. In either form, his fur is gray, his paws and mouth are stained with blood, and his eyes glow red.


Daragor is the masculine counterpart to his sister Eshebala. Where his worshippers are unthinking and brutal, Eshebala's are intelligent and crafty. Daragor despises his sister, but their fates are said to be intertwined. On some worlds, there are astronomers who associate them with a pair of constellations who appear on casual inspection to be battling, but wiser and more skillful astronomers claim they're actually embracing.

Daragor considers himself the enemy of all other lycanthropic gods.


Daragor has no divine realm, but wanders the Lower Planes with his pack.


Daragor is a true savage, and is followers are no different. They lust for blood and relish pain.


Daragor's chief followers are werewolves and seawolves, but Daragor is the patron of all shapeshifters who go for the throat first and ask questions later.

Myths and legends


Daragor and Eshebala are said to be part of a "collective shadow-archetype," dark beings who appeared as echoes of the positive creation and could not be excluded. Some suggest they are linked somehow to Balador and Ferrix.

Dark couplings

Some legends say the incestuous mating of Daragor and Eshebala has produced horrific shapechanging monsters that remain hidden in places of primeval darkness from which they may be summoned. Some mad souls revere these abominations as totems of Daragor and Eshebala.