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Greyhawk Deity
Dalt's symbol, as depicted in The Scarlet Brotherhood (1999).
Title(s) The Opener of Ways
Home Plane Outlands
Power Level Lesser
Gender Male
Alignment Chaotic good
Portfolio Portals, Door, Enclosures, Locks, Keys
Domains Chaos, Good, Protection, Travel, Trickery
Alias(es) none
Superior none

Dalt is the Suel god of Portals, Doors, Enclosures, Locks, and Keys. His holy symbol is a locked door with a skeleton key beneath it.


Dalt is usually depicted as either a white-haired old man with piercing eyes or as a young red-haired thief.

In Maure Castle, a portrait of Dalt by the Maure family depicts Dalt as a young boy with light olive-toned skin, brilliant blue eyes, and a dispassionate stare. Dalt wears a black robe covered with occult symbols in an arcane language known as Strand. Almost impossible and potentially deadly to translate, the symbols mean "The Stars are my guides, the Voids of space my brethren, and Chaos my sire." A symbol of Fharlanghn (a stylized F) can also be seen in Dalt's robes.


Dalt is the brother of Vatun, the Suel god of Winter and Cold. Due to his brother's imprisonment, Dalt is not on good terms with Telchur. He is on good terms with Mordenkainen, to whom Dalt sometimes lends his favored relic, The Silver Key of Portals.


Dalt wanders the Outlands, having no permanent realm of his own.


Dalt is the god of finding innovative solutions to problems and obstacles, teaching his followers to simultaneously be better mice even as they fabricate better mousetraps.


Dalt is a lesser deity, almost forgotten on the world of Oerth but slowly gaining more followers. He is primarily worshipped by the Suloise people in the southeastern Flanaess.


Dalt's clerics are a mix of those who seek to keep things locked and those who seek to open those locks. Both aspects of Dalt's church values the other, and most of his temples will contain both sorts. Dalt's clerics work to build locks and traps, then his clerics figure out ways to defeat them. They act as instructors for locksmiths, masons, carpenters, and thieves, though they will only teach those who have the greater good in mind. Dalt's clerics believe that goods should be liberated from the selfish and protected for the deserving. They often wander the Flanaess, seeking out worthy tests for their skills.


Dalt's name is used to bless fortresses, jails, and locked boxes, as well as anything that is meant to be secure from thieves, such as dwellings.


In Castle Maure, the portrait of the demon lord Fraz-Urb'luu, the Prince of Deception, occasionally shifts and changes to depict young Dalt, dressed in light blue robes emblazoned with various symbols of Fharlanghn, being directed by a mysterious red-haired woman to enter a magical portal that transports him into a dark void only lit by his blazing blue eyes. A dark presence, like an evil shadow, then leaves the body of the woman. Because this image is part of the portrait of the Prince of Deception, the veracity of these images is in question.


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