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Greyhawk Deity
Cyndor, as depicted in Polyhedron #140 (2000).
Title(s) Keeper of Infinity, Sage of Epochs, the Illimitable One
Home Plane Mechanus
Power Level Lesser
Gender Male
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Portfolio Time, Infinity, Continuity
Domains Law, Oracle, Protection, Travel
Alias(es) none
Superior Lendor (possibly)

Cyndor is the Oeridian god of Time, Infinity, and Continuity. His symbol is a rounded hourglass set on its side, much like the symbol for infinity.


Cyndor is depicted as a towering, featureless humanoid with powerful blocklike limbs. This form symbolizes the inevitability of time itself.


Cyndor directs Merikka in her tasks. It is thought that Tsolorandril is his servant.

The exact relationship between Cyndor and the Suel time-god Lendor is unknown, though Lendor has been referred to as Cyndor's "sometime ally (and superior)." Polyhedron #140 states that Lendor is sometimes his ally and sometimes his foe.


Cyndor actually has three realms on three separate planes of existence. Cyndor's realm in Mechanus is called Path of Time. He also maintains the city of Rempha on Mount Celestia (known as the City of the Sands of Time) as his domain. On the Demiplane of Time, Cyndor's realm is known as Tempus Cidatus, a place of mazelike corridors.


Cyndor's faithful believe in predestination. All time, for them, is a path along a lifeline that Cyndor has already foreseen.


Cyndor directs a small group of mortal chronomancers known as the Guardians of Infinity. Their duty is to defend Oerth's timestreams from interference or damage by outside forces. Cyndor is also served by temporal dogs, time dimensionals, and more exotic beings.

Cyndor is worshiped in urban centers of learning, including the Free City of Greyhawk. In the Outer Planes, Cyndor's philosophy is readily accepted by the Fraternity of Order faction, but opposed by the Free League and the Dustmen.


It is assumed by some that Cyndor's priests were ordained in order to act as counselors for a world which would, without them, be nothing more than a meaningless struggle of survival. In this position, they act as counselors to kings and sages, offering these few insight into destiny.


Services to Cyndor include the playing of airy wind instruments and the casting of spells through magical items such as mirrors, hourglasses, and looms.


Cyndor's temples are rare. Somber edifices of smooth stone, Cyndor's monasteries are constructed in seemingly illogical locations determined by significant events known to have occurred there in the past or future.

Broomsage Abbey appears on the map of Blackmoor in Dungeon #126. This abbey is drawn from the apocryphal article in Oerth Journal #5 by Frederick Weining, which identified Broomsage Abbey as an abbey of Cyndor.


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