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Greyhawk Character
Ctenmiir, as depicted in Open Grave (2009).
Homeland White Plume Mountain
Gender Male
Race Vampire
Age Unknown
Class Fighter
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Ctenmiir, known as Ctenmiir the Cursed, is a vampire servant of the wizard Keraptis (technically Spatterdock, one of the false Kerapti imprinted with the personality of the true Keraptis).



The original White Plume Mountain adventure included an illustration by Jeff Dee of a human-sized, unarmed, beardless man with a sinuous cloak and a pale, mask-like face. Return to White Plume Mountain stated that Ctenmiir appeared human, and offered an illustration by Wayne Reynolds of a lean, armored vampire dressed in a dramatic, high-collared cloak, wielding a glowing warhammer. White Plume Mountain (Revised) described him as an unnaturally pale dwarf, allowing him to use the powers of Whelm to their fullest. Open Grave (2009) depicts and describes Ctenmiir as human.

Ctenmiir always wears a huge, black greatcloak, despite the heat of the volcanic mountain in which he resides.


Ctenmiir is Spatterdock's right-hand man. He has no other known ties. He may be sent to accompany those who also ally themselves with Spatterdock.



Originally a dedicated soldier known for hunting ogres, Ctenmiir was already the wielder of the magical warhammer Whelm when he was killed by a vampire in approximately 550 CY. Open Grave suggests he became a vampire deliberately in order to prolong his lifespan. Regardless of the truth, his adventuring companions abandoned him to his fate but took Whelm with them, selling it to a collector in the Free City of Greyhawk. Ctenmiir served his vampiric master for many years until the vampire was slain by one of the False Kerapti, a gnome who had been imprinted with the personality of the ancient wizard Keraptis. Ctenmiir pledged loyalty to the gnome, who ordered (or cursed) him to remain in a trance except when intruders threatened his treasure - this eventually included Ctenmiir's old warhammer Whelm. Ctenmiir failed in his mission, and Whelm was taken back out into the outside world.

Over twenty years later, Whelm was returned to White Plume Mountain and once again fell into the hands of Ctenmiir, who was now working for Spatterdock, a Keraptis-imprinted ogre mage whose true name was Qesnef.


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