Crescent League

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Greyhawk Organization
Crescent League
Type Warrior guild
Founded 514 CY
Members Humans only of any class (lawful neutral)
Leader Colonel Quinn
Symbol Distinctive tattoo; hand signals
Headquarters City of Scant
Allies Scarlet Brotherhood
Enemies Telless ve Turu Decada, Splintered Mind, Free Onnwal Army of Rebellion

The Crescent League was created to train and promote common warriors, leading the way for mercenary organizations. Its true purpose, however, is more sinister.


The Crescent League was established in the Ulek States by refugees from the Pomarj in 514 CY. Soon its members were seen all across the Flanaess.

When the Wild Coast was invaded by the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj in 584 CY, the government of Fax began to evacuate the city. One of their galleys was hijacked by members of the Crescent League, who forced the citizens and crew of the ship to Onnwal. The leader of that act of piracy, Estabon Voshente, was assassinated by members of the Scarlet Brotherhood shortly thereafter and the command of his company was assumed by one Colonel Quinn. Those citizens who were on the ship vanished, and are assumed to have been sold into Scarlet Brotherhood slavery by the Crescent League members.

Within a year, rumors were flying that the Crescent League had some sort of alliance with the Scarlet Brotherhood, and the League was disgraced, its members were fired from their places of employment. Many of them fled to Scarlet Brotherhood-occupied Scant, giving strength to the rumors.

The rumors are, in fact, true. The Crescent League was actually created by the Scarlet Brotherhood as one of their many plans to conquer the Flanaess. The Brotherhood created the League to infiltrate major strongholds throughout the continent. After Major Voshente's blunder, however, the League has been rendered mostly useless to the Scarlet Brotherhood, who have stopped actively supporting it.


The Crescent League is open only to humans, preferably those of Suloise descent. Most of them are lawful neutral in alignment, though some are lawful evil, neutral, or neutral evil.

Their membership is divided into officers and enlisted men. Only the highest ranking officers (Major and above) are aware of their guild's now-tenuous connection to the Scarlet Brotherhood. Only those the Scarlet Brotherhood deemed trustworthy and racially pure were permitted to gain a rank above Captain.

Most of the Crescent League's current membership is now fighting only for survival, thinking nostalgically of the prestige they've lost. The higher-ranking officers seek to find a way to return to the Scarlet Brotherhood's good graces. The Scarlet Brotherhood will occasionally use this to send Crescent League members on dangerous or even suicidal missions.


Crescent League members have a red crescent tattoo on the back of their sword hands, the points of the crescent facing their wrists. Most have burned or otherwise obscured these tattoos since the Fax debacle. Today, most League members identify each other by miming a crescent with their index finger against their cheek while cradling their chin.

In Scant, members of the Crescent League wear red cloaks, though these are discarded outside the city.


The only major headquarters of the Crescent League is now the City of Scant. Approximately 3,000 League members dwell here, helping to intimidate the local population. They are still commanded by Colonel Quinn.


The Crescent League is not aware of the existence of the Society of the Serpent, though the Society occasionally manipulates the League for reasons of its own. The Society of the Serpent have also allied themselves with the Telless ve Turu Decada, whose benevolent plans the high-ranking members of the Crescent League seek to foil. The Crescent League knows nothing of the Azure Masks, though members of the Masks have infiltrated the lower levels of the League. It's safe to say that the Splintered Mind, who know many of the Scarlet Brotherhood's secrets, oppose the Scarlet Brotherhood, and are also based in Scant, opposes the Crescent League vehemently, as does the Free Onnwal Army of Rebellion commanded by Rakehell Chert.