Council of Wizards

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Greyhawk Organization
Council of Wizards
Type Magicians Guild
Founded officially 102 CY
Members 60+
Leader Prince Lakaster (nominal)
Headquarters Winetha (North Kingdom)

The Council of Wizards of Winetha is a magicians guild located within the city of Winetha, located in the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy (called the North Kingdom) on the coast of the Solnor Ocean. It is the single largest group of independent Aerdy mages outside of the cities of Rel Deven, home of the Eldritch Lords, and Rel Astra, home of the Sorcerer's Nexus.


The Council of Wizards received sanction of its official charter from the Overking Manshen in 102 CY. The charter proclaims that the group is strictly democratic and any major decisions must be put to vote of the Council. Although dissent is common, it is not allowed to interfere with the everyday business or collective interest of the city of Winetha. This codified collegiality and collective strength is what has held this guild together, even during the worst of the Greyhawk Wars.


The Council of Wizards boasts many great enchanters and artificers. Modestly prolific, yet highly inventive, they excel more in the craft of magic than its actual practice. The Council of Wizards is credited with the creation of many common magical implements such as potions, sorcerous armaments, and wands.

The Council is led by Prince Lakaster, Lord and Suzerain of the city-state of Winetha and an accomplished archmage (probably the most powerful wizard in the region). In all matters pertaining to other lords of the realm or of the Crown, the Council defers to Lakaster, without question. But in day-to-day matters the Council are the undisputed stewards of the city, responsible for its needs and defense.

Members of the Council are suspicious in nature and attuned to their own self-interests, so much so that outside magicians are rarely welcome to join. However, a visiting magician in possession of some artifact or magic of interest to the Council will be tolerated. Sometimes this situation also pertains if the visitor bears some welcome news from the outside world, though news threatening Lakaster or his interests would bring a different response. For this reason, Lakaster is possibly the single greatest threat to this organization. He harbors ambitions that far exceed those of his fellow magicians. Fortunately, the fruition of these ambitions has yet to be seen.


Though the Council of Wizards continues to perform some of the duties once required of it by the Malachite Throne, the Overking has long since lost the ability to compel this group of magicians to do anything. The guild usually limits its services to minor magical resupply and advising the throne on arcane matters.