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Greyhawk Author
Bruce R. Cordell
Bruce Cordell01.jpg
Nationality United States
Born 1968
Birthplace Watertown, South Dakota
Died N/A
First Greyhawk work Return to the Tomb of Horrors (1988)

Bruce Robert Cordell (born 1968) is an American author of roleplaying games and fantasy novels. He is the winner of the Origins Award as well as several ENnies. He lives in Seattle with his wife and household of pets.


Bruce Cordell's RPG work includes many scenarios and sourcebooks; many of which are directly or indirectly concerned with monsters of a Lovecraftian bent (particularly mind flayers and psionics).

Cordell frequently references certain characters, ideas, and organizations in his RPG works, creating a private continuity between various supplements. For example, The Illithiad references the character of Strom Wakeman and the organization known as the Arcane Order (an organization detailed heavily in another of Cordell's works, College of Wizardry). Wakeman was quoted in A Guide to the Ethereal Plane and was instrumental to the course of events in the adventure Dawn of the Overmind (books which were themselves also connected through a phenomenon called an ether gap). Meanwhile, the Arcane Order returned in Tome and Blood as a detailed organization and the basis of a prestige class.

Greyhawk works

Other notable works

  • Cordell, Bruce R. Dawn of the Overmind. Renton, WA: Wizards of the Coast, 1998.
  • -----. Expanded Psionics Handbook. Renton, WA: Wizards of the Coast, 2004.
  • -----. The Illithiad. Renton, WA: Wizards of the Coast, 1998.
  • Collins, Andy, Bruce R. Cordell, and Thomas M. Reid. Epic Level Handbook. Renton, WA: Wizards of the Coast, 2002.

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