Company of Seven

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Greyhawk Organization
Company of Seven
Type Adventuring band
Founded Late third century CY
Members Zagig and his companions
Leader Zagig Yragerne
Headquarters In and around the Wild Coast, then the planes at large
Enemies Iuz (hatred), the Seekers (rivalry)

The Company of Seven was an adventuring group whose members all later went on to achieve great fame and power in the world of Oerth. While they were together, the Company of Seven explored many worlds and planes, some of which had never been heard of, before or since.

Several of the company eventually became demigods or hero-deities, and all of the company have spells and magic items named after them.

It is not known when, how, or why the Company of Seven disbanded.


  • Zagig Yragerne, a master wizard who joined (some say formed) this adventuring group early in his career.
  • Keoghtom, a jack of all trades who mastered magic, hunting, alchemy, and the Old Lore of the bards. Keoghtom was Zagig's closest confidante and the most inventive of the group.
  • Murlynd, a paladin of Heironeous and an insatiably curious artificer. His grasp of technology improved immeasurably when he traveled to Boot Hill on an unknown Material Plane world, and acquired his famous pair of revolvers.
  • Nolzur, a skilled illusionist and alchemist who applied his magic to his incredible artistic ability, creating pigments and paints that allowed him to perform wonders.
  • Quaal, a ranger of Flan descent whose interest in useful spells and magic, as opposed to sheer arcane power, served the company in good stead.
  • Heward, an accomplished bard whose mastery of both song and spell allowed him to channel powerful magic and incredible music through his instruments.
  • Tasha, a young apprentice wizard with a morbid sense of humor. Though few alive know it, Tasha was actually the legendary archmage known today as Iggwilv, who went on to become the Witch-Queen of Perrenland, mother of Iuz, and sometime lover of the demon prince Graz'zt.


In 318 CY the Company of Seven undertook an expedition to the ruins of the lost Flan citadel of Veralos. They were successful, discovering the location of Veralos and returning with a wagon-load of wondrous treasures, including the Tome of Zyx and a prototype that would be used to create the Prison of Zagig.