Cold Tongue

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Greyhawk Language
Cold Tongue
Spoken in Thillonrian Peninsula
Spoken by Suel barbarians
Language Family Suloise

The Cold Tongue, also known as Fruz, is a language of the Flanaess, heavily rooted in Suloise with some influence by Flan. It is the language of the Frost Barbarians, Ice Barbarians, and Snow Barbarians. It is unrelated to Common. Speakers of Suloise find it difficult to understand, while speakers of Lendorian find it indecipherable.

Selected glossary

Fruz to English

  • Blinnis: blood (presumed)
  • Boros: north
  • Crusk: ice (presumed)
  • Cruski: ice clans
  • Fratern: brotherhood (presumed)
  • Fratern Milblinnis: brotherhood of mage's blood
  • Fruzt(i): frost (presumed)
  • Fruztii: frost clans
  • -i (suffix): clan(s) (presumed)
  • Hald: hold, settlement (presumed)
  • Kabloona: white (presumed)
  • Mil-: mage's (presumed)
  • Rhelt: king
  • Rhizia: immovable
  • Schna: snow (presumed)
  • Schnai: snow clans
  • Skrelling: Flan (presumed)
  • Zea: sea (presumed)
  • Zeai: sea clans (presumed)

English to Fruz

  • Blood: blinnis (presumed)
  • Brotherhood: fratern (presumed)
  • Clan: -i (presumed)
  • Flan: skrelling (presumed)
  • Frost: fruzt(i) (presumed)
  • Hold: hald
  • Ice: crusk (presumed)
  • Immovable: rhizia
  • King: rhelt
  • Mage's: mil- (presumed)
  • North: boros
  • Sea: zea (presumed)
  • Snow: schna (presumed)
  • White: kabloona (presumed)