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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) The Lucky Ghost
Home Plane Unknown
Power Level Hero-goddess
Gender Female
Class(es) Unknown
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Keen Senses, Narrow Escapes
Domains Luck, Protection
Alias(es) None
Superior Fharlanghn, Brandobaris

Charmalaine (TCHAR-mah-lain) is the halfling hero-goddess of Keen Senses and Narrow Escapes. She gained her nickname "the Lucky Ghost" from her ability to leave her body to scout ahead in spirit-form. In this form, she is believed to warn halfling adventurers of impending danger. Her holy symbol is a burning boot-print.


Charmalaine is a young halfling woman with alert eyes, black oiled leather armor, and boots coated in mud. She carries a mace called Fair Warning and is usually seen with Xaphan, her ferret familiar. She is energetic, spontaneous, and fearless.


Charmalaine's apotheosis was co-sponsored by Fharlanghn and Brandobaris.


Charmalaine preaches vigilance and attention to one's environment. Her followers are urged to hone their reflexes, to be quick on their feet, to enjoy exploration but also safety. They are taught that too many material things can be too much weight.


Charmalaine's holy text reads like an adventurer's journal, telling of an escape from a red dragon, a newly freed demoness, a sahuagin army, and too many traps to count.



Charmalaine's clerics are nearly always adventurers, monster-hunters, military scouts, or members of other risky professions. Her adventuring priests are thrill-seekers. Their preferred weapon is the light mace.


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