Saint Ceril

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Greyhawk Character
Saint Ceril the Relentless
Homeland The Pale
Gender Male
Race Human (Oeridian)
Age 250+
Class Cleric 19, Fighter 7
Alignment Lawful neutral

Ceril, known as "the Relentless," is a cleric of the god Pholtus who became the patron saint of order, law, and opposition to chaos, as well as being the patron saint of the Theocracy of the Pale. His symbol is three upward-pointing arrows.


St. Ceril stands seven feet in height and has golden hair, a short beard, and gray eyes. He is intensely charismatic and comely (supernaturally so, able to create a suggestion effect on any creature under 6 hit dice). Ceril appears to be about 40 years old, despite having lived centuries. He travels the world, preaching the need to support Order and battle Chaos. He is willing to sacrifice mortal pawns in pursuit of this goal.

St. Ceril has several special weapons, his most powerful being Chaosbreaker, a +5 longsword that deals double damage against any being of chaotic alignment. His armor cannot be rusted, and his armor and shield have a plethora of other magical powers as well. St. Ceril also carries an array of minor magical items on his person.


St. Ceril is one of an order of Pholtan paladins known as the Lords of the Gloaming who seek to destroy portals to the Lower Planes.


At present Ceril spends much of his time wandering.


Ceril was an altar boy in a village in what is now the Pale, the child of early settlers from the Great Kingdom who left their homeland some time after 252 CY. Ceril's entire village, including his parents, were slain by toadlike creatures. As the sole survivor, Ceril spent the next fifty years of his life seeking justice for the killings, consuming little food or water, hardly sleeping, only training and searching. Eventually he found his parents' killers: a gang of slaadi. After a great battle, he slew their leader, a mighty death slaad, singlehandedly. Impressed with his diligence, Pholtus rewarded Ceril with sainthood.

Ceril founded the Pale's Council of Nine, which organized the new nation's government. In 342 CY, the Council of Nine chose the first theocrat from among their number.

In 392 CY, St. Ceril battled the death knight Sir Maeril of Naelax. Sir Maeril lost his infamous blade Astrosus in the fray, which the undead horror has never recovered.


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