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Greyhawk Realm
Faerie Kingdom of Celene
The arms of the Faerie Kingdom of Celene, as depicted in Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000).
Region Western Nyr Dyv
Ruler Queen Yolande
Government Hereditary feudal monarchy; royal house and all noble houses are elven; Celene

currently has no official diplomatic relations with any outside nation.

Established Officially established as a kingdom 361 CY, though existed for many years prior as a political state.
Capital Enstad
Major Towns Enstad, Courwood
Provinces Numerous castles, manorial estates, and townships governed by princes, dukes, counts, and barons in a chaotic patchwork.
Resources Foodstuffs, cloth, silver, fine wine and spirits.
Coinage Moonveil (pp) suncrown (gp), starcloak (ep), bellflower (sp), oakleaf (cp)
Population 140,000
Races Elves 79% (gray 55%, sylvan 45%), humans 9% (Sof), half-elves 5%, gnomes 3%, halflings 2% (tallfellow 50%, lightfoot 25%, stout 25%), others 2%.
Languages Elvish, Common, Sylvan, Gnomish, Halfling.
Religions Seldarine*, gnome pantheon, Ehlonna, Phaulkon, Phyton, halfling pantheon
Allies Duchy of Ulek (minor), Knights of Luna (but see below)
Enemies Pomarj, Iuz. However, Celene has politically isolated itself from all nearby states.
This article is about the nation of Celene. For Oerth's moon, see Celene (Kule).

Celene, properly known as the Faerie Kingdom of Celene, is a political state of the Flanaess, notable for being the most prominent elven nation in eastern Oerik.


Since the earliest times, Celene has been home to the gray elves of the Flanaess. In those days, elven princes ruled from the Velverdyva to the Wild Coast. However, by the time of the Great Migrations, the power of these elven lords had shrank to isolated pockets such as Celene. In those days, groups of migrant Suloise crossed the Lortmil Mountains and entered the elven lands, but their journey was brief. Such was the cruelty and wantonness of the Suloise that most were banished by the elves of the realm, and driven past the Jewel River. Human tribes, even among the Suel, that cherished the land and its life were better received. The elvenfolk of Celene even offered their allegiance to the rulers of Keoland for many centuries, rejecting them only when warlike monarchs ascended the Throne of the Lion.

In the early summer of 348 CY, Keoish king Tavish II made his Wealsun Proclamation, asserting the manifest destiny of Keoland to rule over the entire Sheldomar Valley and its borders. This act alarmed the elves of Celene, especially when Tavish backed his proclamation with force, marching armies into western Veluna and annexing the Pomarj from the Prince of Ulek. In response, the Grand Court convened at Enstad to determine the best course for the elvenfolk of Celene, seeking a leader from among their own ranks. Princess Yolande of Bellmeadow,an accomplished warrior and wizard, was hailed by the assembled nobles as elvenkind's brightest hope. Together with the neighboring Ulek Provinces, Celene expelled Keoland's royal garrisons in 361 CY. Princess Yolande organized the realm's defenses, and Prince Consort Triserron took to the field, defeating the forces of Keoland in a number of short engagements. These victories brought full independence to Celene, and Yolande was elevated to queen of the new realm.

True independence, though welcomed, presented Celene with some new problems. Foremost would be that of orcish invasions from the Lortmils, as the savage humanoids were no longer restrained by Keoish patrols. Though such invasions were always repeled, victory was often costly, and the orcish hordes spewing from the mountains each spring seemed without end. A defensive alliance between Celene, the Ulek States, and the gnomes of the Kron Hills was formed to contain the humanoid menace by coordinating the efforts of each realm's armed forces. The alliance had some success, but all concerned parties continued to incur losses, the greatest of which was the death of the Prince Consort Triserron. While returning home from a mission to the County of Ulek, Triserron was ambushed and slain by orcs in a narrow pass south of Courwood. The Prince Consort's death led the elvenfolk of Celene to spearhead the Hateful Wars.

Geography and climate

Celene is bordered by the Kron Hills to the north, the Lortmil Mountains to the west and southwest, and the Jewel River to the east and southeast.






Celene is a hereditary feudal monarchy ruled by a gray elven king or queen. The royal and noble families of Celene are all elven.

The national capital is Enstad.

Administrative Divisions

Celene is made up of a chaotic patchwork of several manorial estates, castles, and townships governed by princes, dukes, counts, and barons.

Executive Branch

The current monarch of the realm is Her Fey Majesty, Queen Yolande, Perfect Flower of Celene, Lady Rhalta of All Elvenkind. Yolande has been queen since 361 CY, when the elven princes of the realm assembled to choose a leader to unite the elves against expansionist Keoland. Yolande is assisted by the Royal Consort (also known as the Prince Consort), currently Fasstal Dothmar.


Celene's coat of arms is blazoned thus: Purpure, a tree proper.







Celene's standing military is chiefly elven light infantry armed with longswords and longspears, supported by numerous companies of archers. The realm also utilizes an elite hippogriff-riding cavalry, picked from the most experienced and noble gray elven officers in Celene's service.

Enstad itself, as well as the royal family and their palace, is defended by the Companion Guard, knights commanded by the Prince Consort.

Most forces in the nation are loyal to Yolande, but the Knights of Luna and other dissenting groups serve leaders with different ambitions. The majority of these units are border companies in the Welkwood or Suss Forest, many of which have spent time in the Principality of Ulek fighting Pomarj orcs.