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The Celadon Forest and environs, as depicted on the Paizo map (2005).

The Celadon Forest is a temperate deciduous forest located within both the Duchy of Urnst and the Kingdom of Nyrond. The forest is split by the Nesser River, which also divides the Duchy of Urnst from Nyrond.

The Celadon is mostly unclaimed by either state, though the northern portion west of the Nesser is directly overseen by the Duchy of Urnst's Royal Pathwardens, a group of rangers loyal to the Duchy. The southern area west of the Nesser is under the protection of a group of humanoid druids known as the Council of the Thorn.


The trees of the Celadon are chiefly oaks and elms. The rare herbs needed to make Keoghtom's ointment are rumored to exist only here.


Throughout the forest, treants, elves, and sylvan beings tend to the trees, preventing the cutting of live trees by woodcutters.

East of the Nesser, some 800 wood elves, 200 wild elves, 2500 high elves, 5000 human woodsmen, and 400 wood giants inhabit the forest.

West of the Nesser, a number of humanoid tribes have been reported, including gnolls, kobolds, orcs, and goblinoids. These humanoids generally seem to respect the woodland, perhaps due to the influence of the Council of the Thorn.

Features & settlements

A ranger school called Stalwart Pines is located within the Celadon.

A palisaded manor house, Dedermont's Keep, lies four and a half miles into the northwestern Celadon, directly south of Nellix. The manor was constructed in 583 CY to house the Royal Pathwardens.

Far to the south, not far west of a bend in the Nesser, lies Thorn's Circle, a druidic stone ring frequented by the Council of the Thorn.

The village of Copperstead lies deep within the forest, some 90 miles west of Woodwych.

Star Haunt, an ancient Oeridian castle ruin infested with undead, lies roughly 30 miles south of Copperstead.

The lair of Lakaradermaz, a green dragon who was slain in 581 CY by the Royal Pathwardens and Council of the Thorn, lies near the Celadon's western edge.


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