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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Beit Castan, Bakhoury Coast
Gender Male
Race Human (Baklunish)
Age 200+
Class 18th level mage
Alignment Unknown

Castanamir, also known as Castanamir the Mad and the Last Amir of Beit Castan, was the ruler of the seaside town of Beit Castan two centuries ago.


Castanamir was a wizard of the Eleventh Circle, acknowledged as a master of traditional arcane magic, enchantment, the planes, and the mathematics of network topology. He had a sense of humor, but seemed to grow increasingly rambling and confused in the years of his self-imposed exile.


A powerful Baklunish noble, Castanamir was leader of the Council of Twelve and the Magicians' Guild in his area. He is the creator of the gingwatzim, and the first to invent spells to bind them into material objects. He created a simulacrum of his enemy Bradvig to use as a servant in his library.


Castanamir originally ruled as the amir of Beit Castan on the Bakhoury Coast. Two centuries ago, he exiled himself to a barren island in the Sea of Pastures (possibly the nearby Dramidj Ocean), feeling betrayed and resentful due to his waning popularity. After his departure, his town was absorbed by the nation of Zeif.

His current whereabouts are unknown, but he no longer dwells on his island.


Castanamir was a hero of the Goblin Wars. When his popularity waned he abandoned his duties and retreated to his island, where his remaining friends reported he grew increasingly eccentric, falling in with unsavory people. Finally his entire island vanished, reappearing briefly only recently, five years before the events of The Lost Island of Castanamir.

His servant Bradvig believes him to be dead or dying, or on another plane of existence. He believes his master will be absent a long time, but suspects that Castanamir might not be gone forever.