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Greyhawk creature
Camprats, as depicted in Greyhawk Adventures (1988).
Alignment Neutral
Type Animal
Subtype None
First appearance Greyhawk Adventures (1988)

Camprats are tiny rodents with voracious appetites.


Female camprats mate every nine months, giving birth to litters of 6-8 young. Two-thirds typically survive to maturity. Camprats will eat anything that isn't currently on fire. They are scavengers who are constantly searching for food; they are a continual problem for adventurers, who find that leather or wood containers or hanging packs from trees is no protection from the ravenous creatures. They are not hunters, though plenty of creatures will hunt them. Ogres love the taste of camprats, and red dragons often breathe fire into camprat holes before digging out the resultant crispy snacks.


Camprats dwell in temperate barrens and hills, including the Hestmark Highlands, the Abbor-Alz, and the Kron Hills.

Typical physical characteristics

Camprats resemble prairie dogs or small gophers. Their fur is a light, sandy brown, with a darker streak along their spines. Their tails are only tiny stubs. They have small, beady eyes and long, sharp incisors. They are fast-moving, and can leap up to eight feet horizonally and three feet vertically. They can climb any surface that has the slightest purchase for their tiny claws. Their front teeth constantly grow, so they must chew on things to prevent them from growing too long and to keep them sharp.


As natural creatures of only animal intelligence, camprats are always neutral in alignment.


Camprats are timid, fighting only when cornered. Camprats live in loosely bonded packs, with males and females in roughly equal numbers. While bearing and raising her litter, the female stays within a small cave or gap between rocks, or a hole she's dug to serve as her lair. During this time the male brings food for her and their offspring. The male and female part company when their young reach maturity.


Centuries ago, a gnomish king of the Kron Hills is said to have spent a decade trying to rid his domain of camprats before ultimately admitting failure.