Green Lady

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Greyhawk Character
The Green Lady
Homeland Suel Imperium
Gender Female
Race Human (Suel)
Age 1000+
Class Cleric
Alignment Lawful

The woman known as the Green Lady was a Suloise priestess of Wee Jas who lived during the time of the Great Migrations. She is said to have led her people across the western Flanaess, and finally met her end in the Cairn Hills. Her tomb lies on the south shore of Diamond Lake, and has been used since the 591 CY as the headquarters of the Cult of the Green Lady, a Jasian sect which reveres the Green Lady as a saint.

The Cult of the Green Lady

The Cult of the Green Lady operates out of their mistress's tomb, known as the Cairn of the Green Lady. These brooding cultists dress in green robes and are quick to threaten outsiders. Though once forbidden from entering Diamond Lake by Governor-Mayor Lanod Neff, the Cult of the Green Lady is now tolerated within in the town, mainly because they maintain and protect the Diamond Lake Boneyard. The cult also owns a boat, dubbed the Harkness, which cultists use to make the journey across the lake.

The cult numbers about forty individuals, and is led by a charming priestess named Amariss. Devotees of the Green Lady honor their patron with mournful prayers to the departed and mysterious explorations of the hills surrounding Diamond Lake.


In 586 CY, a Frost Barbarian cleric of Wee Jas was visited by the Green Lady in a dream. This man, Nohrtan, was entreated by the Green Lady to gather followers to protect her tomb from heathens. Nohrtan set off on a long pilgrimage, stretching from the Thillonrian Peninsula to the Cairn Hills, gaining converts along the way. Nohrtan and his fellow cultists finally reached Diamond Lake in 591 CY. Other members at the time included Olan, Lehja, and Willam of Tenh.

By 595 CY, the mantle of leadership had been passed on to Amariss. Nohrtan's fate has not been revealed.


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