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Greyhawk Character
Bucknard's ghost. Art by Eva Widermann.
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Wizard

Bucknard is a powerful human wizard, and a founding member of the Circle of Eight. In Dungeon's Age of Worms adventure path, Bucknard is referred to as "Balakarde."


Bucknard is described as affable, esteemed, talented and powerful, yet stubborn and headstrong.


Bucknard has one known sister, Maralee, and is also a former member of the Circle of Eight.


In 556 CY, Bucknard's sister and adventuring companion, Maralee, was slain by sons of Kyuss. Bucknard took her death (and seeing her devoured by ghoulish worms) hard. Depressed for years, he emerged from his depression to become one of the most potent wizards of his generation. He had dedicated himself to one overriding task: the destruction of Kyuss.

In 571, Bucknard became one of the founding members of the Circle of Eight, as Mordenkainen invited some of the most prominent mages in the Flanaess to join him in a successor organization to the Citadel of Eight.

At the height of his powers, Bucknard began deeply obsessing over occult manuscripts relating to the Worm God and his cult. He grew increasingly secluded and paranoid, no longer confiding even with close friends like Tenser. Abruptly resigning from the Circle of Eight in 579 CY, he traveled to Alhaster to research his theory that the Ebon Triad cult had been created there as a front for the cult of Kyuss. Lashonna, the town's most knowledgeable expert in the occult, agreed to meet with him and directed him to the Wormcrawl Fissure, where he was captured by Dragotha. The following year, after months of torture, Bucknard finally died at the hands of his own undead sister, upon Dragotha's orders. Bucknard's soul shattered into three separate ghosts, representing his artistic, scholarly, and vengeful sides, which haunted the Fissure for decades afterwards.

In 581, Bucknard's position in the Circle was filled by Jallarzi Sallavarian.

Associated magic items

Bucknard crafted the magic item Bucknard's Everfull Purse, which is essentially a leather pouch or small bag that refills itself each morning. Each such coinpurse can replicate a different number of coins or gems, depending on which type of bag it is. A variant of this item, Bucknard's everfood pouch, is mentioned in the second edition Rogues' Gallery.


Bucknard is known to have authored the following works:

  • Inexplicable Reflections


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