Brutal Pick

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Greyhawk magic item
Brutal Pick
Type Artifact
Body slot N/A
Caster level
Weight 20 lbs.
First appearance Book of Artifacts (1993).

The Brutal Pick is a minor artifact, the first of the Five Great Tools created by Silvervein Moradinson in dwarven legend.


The Brutal Pick is forged from a single piece of steel about 3 feet long and slightly less than 2 inches thick. It weighs about 20 pounds, mostly in the head. The blade is shaped like a cupped dwarven hand, backed by a six-inch, four-sided spike.


The Brutal Pick can move up to 6000 cubic feet of earth in a single round. The earth can be directed at enemies or willed into the Elemental Plane of Earth.

It can be destroyed with a Mordenkainen's disjunction spell, a rod of cancellation, a sphere of annihilation, by slaying an avatar of Moradin with it, by wounding Moradin himself with it, or by being used to destroy one of the seven wonders of the dwarven race.


Legends say that the Brutal Pick was forged by the First King of the dwarves, Silvervein Moradinson, for the honor of the god Moradin. It was the first of the Five Great Tools; the others were the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, the Earthheart Forge, the Anvil of Songs, and the Shaping Hammer. The Axe was the final tool; the other four were used to make it.