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Greyhawk Author
Anne Brown
Anne Brown01.jpg
Nationality United States
Died N/A
First Greyhawk work Falcon's Revenge (1990)

Anne Brown is a writer and editor in the roleplaying game industry.

Brown began working as an Assistant editor for Dragon magazine in 1989, on issues #147 to #151 (July-November 1989). She was later transferred to TSR's Games Division. She was a vocal advocate for Greyhawk within the company. Brown left TSR in August 1997, but never went to work for Wizards of the Coast. She continues to live in Wisconsin.

Greyhawk works


  • Mohan, Kim, Roger E. Moore, and Dale A. Donovan. "Dragon Magazine: Past and Present." Dragon #200. Lake Geneva, WI: TSR, 1993.

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